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バッシャーRockSta 1/24 4WSミニロッククローラー(RTR)

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バッシャーRockSta 1/24 4WSミニロッククローラー(RTR)

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あなたがあなたのリビングルームや裏庭の築山の野生の広がりに対処したいと、それは1月10日または1のすべての専門能力を持つこれらの課題を攻撃する場合バッシャーRockSta 1/24 4WSミニロッククローラーがあなたが必要とするすべてのクローラであります/ちょうどはるかに小さいスケールで8クローラー、。このクローラーは天気が外にあなたをさせませんか、あなたが時間のために挑戦し続けますいくつかの家庭のオブジェクトとクールな障害物コースを設定することができますので、あなたのクロールスペースが限られており、それらの日のために最適です。




1 ESCと受信機で•2
•2S 7.4Vリポバッテリーを使用します


350mah 2S 7.4Vリポバッテリー

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claudio rosa | 確認済みの購入者

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

After only three batteries, the gear theeth broke. This is a project problem

Apr 24, 2018

After only three batteries, the gear theeth broken. I am claiming a metal gear as a warranty replacement. I am mechanical engineer and I know that it is a project problem. The standard gears don't support the effort. The project team need to replace these gears by metal gears.

George | 確認済みの購入者

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Get Metal Gears

Feb 24, 2018

If you're buying one of these then buy the optional metal gear set. The plastic gears that are supplied as standard will strip even with careful use and are not fit for purpose. I managed to strip the gears after around 20 seconds of operation by trying out the different steering modes on a carpeted floor. I think once the metal gears arrive then it should be a great little rock crawler. It's a shame they're out of stock and on back order though.

Jet760 | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Gears strip very fast

Jan 01, 2018

Within a few mins of my kids playing with the car the gears stripped in the diffs of 2 cars. they need to be standard with metal gears. other than that it has worked well for the price, I ask HK to replace the gears under warranty as they know how bad they are and to me its bad service to sell something that will break so fast. they have agreed to supply the gears to 2 cars, well done HK, now I have to wait for the slow post.

Honda | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

nice car but parts are of poor quality

Dec 27, 2017

After 3rd battery charge a driveshaft got stuck due to too large angle on a wheel and stripped the gear, bended the end of the half-shaft axe and cracked outdrive. Christmas toy was gone in les than 1h !!! Parts of this crawler are really of pure quality.

Carla Maria | 確認済みの購入者

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

The Best the Beast :D

Dec 06, 2017

The Best the Beast :D Limit the Str/D and go on ;)

rinse | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

rocksta crawler

Dec 02, 2017

great fun to drive , orderd metal gear also and some spares

E.S. | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Great fun, plastic gears are really bad

Nov 09, 2017

Overall: great fun crawling around the house.
pros: It's really small but has quite a bit of power. It will climb really steep angles and the tires have good grip. Decent articulation.
The four steering modes work really well.
cons: The plastic gears might as well be made of butter. I stripped a gear halfway through the first battery. Luckily I had read the reviews and ordered two sets of metal gears.
The steering locks up when reversing, because the driveshaft partially pops out. This is what caused the gears to strip. This can be solved by adjusting the steering trim, but then it won't make the corners as tight as it could.

Renee | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Simply Awesome

Aug 29, 2017

Well ive only ran about a half a battery through mine and ...ITS AWESOME ive owned other mini crawlers before and this one beat,s them hands down and motor and gear upgrades! Just what i was looking for.

Nicky | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Baby Beast

Jun 12, 2017

Excellent little crawler
well pleased but yes metal gears is a must if you get one
of these

Oleg | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Редукторы сразу менять!

Jun 07, 2017

Стоковые редуктора развалились : передний через 1 минуту , задний через 20 минут . Машинка больше домашняя , конструкция неплохая но вот надежность отсутствует , пришлось заказывать металлические шестерни.

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