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Hobbyking YEPの7A(1〜2S)ブラシレススピードコントローラー

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Hobbyking YEPの7A(1〜2S)ブラシレススピードコントローラー


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今、私たちはHobbyking YEP ESCシリーズを提供して自慢しています。このような超滑らかなソフトスタート、固定RPMモード(ガバナーモード)と超高解像度とヘリコプターと飛行機の特定のプログラミングオプションを使用すると、今日の市場でより良いESCを見つけることができません!

7A YEPはちょうど乏しい0.7グラムであり、マイクロブラシレスマルチローターのアプリケーションとF3Pの競争に最適です。


Hobbyking YEPのESCは、真・ツー・定格電流処理と高効率動作を保証するために、最高品質のコンポーネントを使用して構築されています。

すべてのHobbyking YEPのESCは、オプションのプログラミングカードを介して、または送信機のスティック入力によってプログラムすることができます。

•ニカド/ニッケル水素/リチウムイオン/リポ/ LiFePO4のための自動調整による低電圧カットオフ保護
•モーターは、ESC(ESC /モータ配線を変更する必要はありません)から反転
•安全な電源オン。 (スロットルが最も低い位置に戻されるまで、モーターは開始されません)


マックスは現在のバースト:10Aを 10秒間
入力電圧:1-2セルのLi-XXまたは3-6のNi-MH /ニカド電池

  • YEP 7A Micro ESC
  • Programming the YEP using throttle

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TN Walker | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

YEP 7A (1-2S) ESc

Nov 08, 2019

If you are serious about F3P pattern flying and have a lightweight F3P pattern plane then this is a "must have" esc! This particular esc has been used successfully with either 1S or 2S setups.The quality of this product is head and shoulders above all other esc's. When you consider the value and quality, at such a reasonable price, this esc can NOT be beat! Thanks you and keep up the good work Hobby King!

ALARIC | 確認済みの購入者

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  • Value


Oct 27, 2019


LBasco1 | 確認済みの購入者

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  • Value


Oct 21, 2019

This ESC is technically worthless for fixed wing aircraft. Battery input and BEC is nonexistent as is some pertinent tech data. The manual is ok, but the rest of the files for download are worthless. The hand drawn picture is the most worthless. If you buy a product you would expect some real documentation for the product.

Richard | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

My experience with the YEP 7

Mar 29, 2017

Comes set up for a helicopter, so if you install it on a plane without programming it doesn't work well. The programming card is slick and easy to use. The video on YouTube is a real help - watch it a couple of times. I'm flying it on a Twisted Hobbies Clik with no problems.

Andr | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Sep 03, 2014

This little ESC is very nice and lightweight. It didn't work correctly at first but after programming it everything is perfect.
The manual that was in the files tab was not the correct one for this ESC, so you can't program it following those instructions. LUCKILY I found out that the software is the same as on YGE esc's. I also found a matching manual and used it to program the ESC using my Transmitter!
I uploaded the correct manual into the FILES tab, it's called 'YEP 7A manual (YGE)'. Use it and your esc will work perfectly.
I do recomend this ESC!

Wipo_Be | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 12, 2014

The yep programming card PRODUCT ID: 355000020 does NOT work with this product. The manual in the files tab does not correspond to this product. To get the correct manual search for YGE 7E ESC on google. The specifications on this hobbyking product page are WRONG. The firmware is really bad and provides very little programming options. You can't even change spinning directions. The solderpads for flashing new firmware are so tiny and bad placed that you need expert skills and equipment to flash or update the firmware. My advice to Hobbyking if they want to make a 4star product : "ship this esc with SimonK or BLHELI firmware"

andreas..k | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Mar 09, 2014

very small and light, I use 2 Diods to drop the voltage to the rx, for me the YEP esc are the best you can get here at the moment -03/2014

donaldsnephew | 確認済みの購入者

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Nov 27, 2013

Nicely made copy of the YGE ESC. Program card works well on this ESC. Tested several motors on this ESC so far, with many different settings. All inrunners I tested (Turnigy XK-1222, 1015, 1220, 1230) start perfectly, some outrunners also work fine (M5, C05M). But some of my motors (e.g. Spin 16300, HP05s) do not start; tried nearly everything with program card, but no success so far. Do not know the reason, because those motors work very well with XP-7A and XP-12A speedcontrollers.

Mache 1.5 | 確認済みの購入者

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  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Nov 23, 2013

2.05g with wires.
That is very light and small.
Nice job!
I try to modify a 200g twin prop model.
Hopefully it works out fin...
Programming mode without card would be nice.

YEP manual Download [571]
atmega168 connections.png Download [412]
SPI connections.jpg Download [185]
connection diagram for microquad Download [449]
YEP 7A Manual (YGE) Download [76]
Where are the indicated battery wires on the ESC....again the manual is wrong. The sales picture only shows the Receiver wiring + the motor wiring? Download [2]

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