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Accessoire pack voor TR2213 / 20

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Accessoire pack voor TR2213 / 20


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Accessoire pack voor TR2213 / 20 motor.

Standard pak van accessoires voor de TR22 motoren. Alles wat je nodig hebt is opgenomen in krimpkous, bullet connectors mannelijk en vrouwelijk, kruis zet op, reserveonderdelen schacht, prop mounts, schroeven, en nog veel meer.

Alle componenten van hoge kwaliteit

Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Shaft Lengte: 45mm
Cross Plate Bolt gaten: 34mm
Prop adapter schacht size: 4.9mm x 19mm


Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-10


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jean-pierre | Geverifieerde koper

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3mm or 3,175mm

Nov 25, 2016

Diamètre de l' arbre: 3mm ou 3,175mm?
TR 2213/20= 3,175mm

compatible Turnigy 2217 16turn 1050kv 23A Outrunner

| Geverifieerde koper

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Certified Buyer Rated

Feb 27, 2016

great kit has all of the proper fittings

Doobieman | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Oct 17, 2014

I've a number of these on various quads, hexas and octos. I use them with the D2830/11 1000Kv Turnigy Aerodrive motors. They are a bit better than the standard prop adapters that come with those motors, although I've never had a problem with the standard adapters, either. Chances are you will have one screw in the bunch that won't drive all the way into the adapter. This happens to me on almost every one of these that I've ordered. What I usually to to mitigate this problem is to use the blue flanged washer (it's on the right hand side of the picture) that comes in the kit, and place it on the shaft, small side down. This ensures that the prop lies flat, instead of being cocked at an angle. I have had one of these come loose during a flight, and if I hadn't been very close to the ground, I probably would have lost my Nex5, the lens, a full FPV system and most of the quad. Be aware of this. It was checked for tightness the night before, so just be careful.

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