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B20-40-14L-FIN borstelloze Inrunner Motor 4120kv

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B20-40-14L-FIN borstelloze Inrunner Motor 4120kv


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B20-40-14L-FIN borstelloze Inrunner Motor 4120kv

Afmetingen: 20mm (23mm met fin) x 40mm
KV: 4120 rpm / v
Max stroom: 17A
Max Power: 290W
Idle stroom: 1.3A
Resistance: 0.05Ω
Shaft: Φ2.0mm
Gewicht: 70g
Voorgestelde ESC: 25A
Celgetal: 2 ~ 3S Lipo
Bolt Holls spancing: 16mm
Bolt thread: M2.5 * 4
Gold Connection: Φ3.5

  • Kv ( tpm / v ) 4120.00
  • Max Currents (A ) 17.00
  • Resistance ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Voltage ( V ) 11.00
  • Vermogen ( W) 290.00
  • Shaft A ( mm ) 2.00
  • Lengte B ( mm ) 41.00
  • Can Diameter C ( mm ) 20.00
  • Kan Lengte D ( mm ) 40.00
  • Totale lengte E ( mm ) 56.00

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  • attributeset-10


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Customer Rated

Jan 11, 2014

Good motor for 1/18 cars. Difficult to fit due to unusual shape (longer than 40mm due to large bearings). Looks at the front side as what you see on the picture on the back. Motor mount might need modification. Power is OK. Does not work with Turnigy TrackStar 25A 1/18th Scale ESC! Lots of cogging, Does not fit in Mini inferno. However, if it fits it is a nice motor.

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