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B20-40-31L borstelloze Inrunner Motor 1850kv

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B20-40-31L borstelloze Inrunner Motor 1850kv


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B20-40-31L borstelloze Inrunner Motor 1850kv

Afmetingen: 20mm x 40mm
KV: 1850 rpm / v
Max stroom: 8A
Max Power: 170W
Idle stroom: 0.5A
Resistance: 0.26Ω
Shift: Φ2.0mm
Gewicht: 63g
Voorgestelde ESC: 15A
Celgetal: 3-5SLipo
Bolt Holls spacing: 16mm
Bolt thread: M2.5 * 4
Goud Connector: Φ3.5

  • Kv ( tpm / v ) 1850.00
  • Max Currents (A ) 8.00
  • Resistance ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Voltage ( V ) 19.00
  • Vermogen ( W) 170.00
  • Shaft A ( mm ) 2.00
  • Lengte B ( mm ) 40.00
  • Can Diameter C ( mm ) 20.00
  • Kan Lengte D ( mm ) 39.00
  • Totale lengte E ( mm ) 56.00

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  • attributeset-10


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Customer Rated

Apr 30, 2014

The unit appears to be well put together. Comes with bullet connectors and heat shrink which is useful. Bench testing at close to or over its rated capacity with a 5x5 prop, the unit appears strong and remained cool to the touch. Only issue is the shaft is NOT 2mm. It is 1 mm with a ground flat. This caused issues as I was anticipating receiving a motor w 2mm shaft size and had prop adapters to suit.

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