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Civiele Pilot (H120 x W110 x D44mm)

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Civiele Pilot (H120 x W110 x D44mm)


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Civiele Pilot (H120 x W110 x D44mm)

Lengte: 120mm
Breedte: 110mm
Diepte: 44mm
Gewicht: 67g

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Tim UK | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Apr 17, 2016

High quality, nicely detailed & well painted pilot figure from the VQ Models stable (mine came in VQ Models packaging). The only trade-off for this exceptionally robust quality is the weight, & mine had put-on even more since being weighed & measured by HK - actually 75grams out of the packaging.......
His dimensions suggest 1/5th scale, but in my 7ft wingspan, 1:4.8 scale Cessna 152 he looks a little big to my eye - I suggest he's nearer to 1:4.5 scale.

In my experience, you can seldom fault HK on VFM - I see pilot figures of far inferior quality on sale in the UK for twice & three times more - he's yet another HK absolute bargain.

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