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DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 2650mm w / Luchtremmen / intrekken Main Wiel / Geardoors (ARF)

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DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 2650mm w / Luchtremmen / intrekken Main Wiel / Geardoors (ARF)


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Dit is een prachtige versie van een van de meest populaire maquette zweefvliegtuigen, zowel de romp en vliegende afwerking is uitstekend, net als de algehele kwaliteit van het model, deze grote het kijken DG-1000 is praktisch en wordt geleverd met een uitgebreide hardware pakket .

Mooi afgewerkt GF Romp met gelakt Waterslide Decals
Verwijderbare Plug In Wing voor gemakkelijk transport, beveiligd door Four Screw System
Wing Gemonteerd Luchtremmen en besturingssysteem geleverd met Kit
Grote luifel Area
Leef Scharnier Controle Surfaces
Optie voor Interne Tow Release System
Grote Schaal Look
Inclusief Retracting Main Wheel & Gear Doors
Mooi gemaakt Balsa / Ply Flying Surfaces

Spanwijdte: 2650mm
Lengte: 1153mm
Flying Gewicht: 1100g ~ 1200g
Wing Gebied: 32dm2
Wing Loading: 34 g ~ 37.5gdm2
Airfoil: HX83-Nase 3 Wijzigen

Uw Eigen 6-kanaals TX / RX
RX Battery
7 High Torque 12g Servo (of 3 x Low Profile & 4 x Mini Servo)

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Neil | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Feb 18, 2013

Although it looks great there too many parts missing from the kit,QC not good, needs a fair bit of lead to get cg within recommended range, in std form she's pretty heavy and needs to fly fast ,tip stalls easy at low speed. Winglets are not matched to the wings, wrong angle of vertical fins, winglet dowel holes dont line up in wing tips,clevises and some screws missing, some reinforcing inside the fuse appears to be missing resulting in the possibility of damage if a hard landing occurs. I know, mine nearly broke in half!Get a latch for the canopy at the time of order and also purchase 2 x 500 mm servo lead extensions and 1 x 900 mm extension also, order a bag of clevises there are not enough in the kit and get some threaded rod to make up the missing ones also. No response from HK CS since before their Chinese new year holiday! This is my first kit from HK and not looking good for anymore thanks to the lack of response from their customer support dept

Combatme | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Dec 10, 2012

Flew my dg 1000 today and right from the word go it flew like a dream , 1st tow got me 10 mins and that was only because I forced it down lol. I'm thinking about setting another up now for spare its that good I'm very happy .
Btw I needed to add nearly 200 gr to the nose to balance , which is very common for these models .

diego82 | Geverifieerde koper

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Certified Buyer Rated

Nov 24, 2012

C' da lavorare, consigliato a chi ha un minimo di dimestichezza. Qualit accettabilissima considerato il prezzo.

Il pacco stato molto curato ed arrivato integro

Mauro | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Oct 24, 2012

veramente una vergogna...concepire un aliante di queste dimensioni con una baionetta di 6mm di diametro realizzata in ferro ..impossibile volare...modello da buttare.
GRAZIE HOBBY KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manual - DG-1000 Composite Sailplane 265 Download [4223]
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