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DLG Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1000mm Spanwijdte

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DLG Laser Cut Balsa Kit 1000mm Spanwijdte


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De nieuwste zweefvliegtuig in de immer populaire bebouwde bereik is dit handzaam formaat discus gelanceerd zweefvliegen (DLG).

Met zijn 1000mm spanwijdte van het model past mooi in de Mosquito DLG klasse, waardoor zij worden gevlogen vanuit vrijwel elke open ruimte. Het is ook een koud kunstje om mee te nemen voor het geval een sneaky gelegenheid zich voordoet!

Gebouw is een eenvoudige zaak, met nauwkeurige, lasergesneden balsa en ply voor de koolstofvezel versterkte, open structuur vleugel en de romp pod. De hele staart plaatoppervlakken zijn verbonden met de rest van het model door een koolstofvezel buis, waardoor deze weinig robuuste glijder snel klaar te vliegen hebben.
Of je geneigd bent om speerwerpen, DLG lanceren of helling, wordt dit kleine model is gebonden aan een glimlach te brengen!

• In elkaar grijpende lasergesneden onderdelen
• Carbon fiber wing spar versterking
• Carbon fiber staart boom
• Leuk om te bouwen
• Eenvoudig te transporteren

Spanwijdte: 1000mm
Lengte: 784mm
Casco Gewicht: 110g (onbedekt)
Alle Up Gewicht: 140g

2-kanaals zender en ontvanger
2 x 5 ~ 9g servo
Micro-ontvanger batterij
covering Film
building Adhesives

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Greg | Geverifieerde koper

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 30, 2015

Good, easy to build kit. The instructions are in Chinese, but that doesn't matter. Quality is very good. The tail and elevator are a little weak, but I have not broken them yet. The rudder is inadequate. Make a new one with a little more surface area.

The carbon tube for the back of the fuse is tapered - very nice touch that gives good strength and stability.

The wing also seemed a little weak, but is actually surprisingly strong. Finished weight with a 350mah battery and ailerons is 196g.

IMPORTANT - When building the wing, use the formers that come with the kit to shape the bottom surface of the wing.

I flown this glider for about 2 months now, and love it as a slope soarer. It has better handling and penetration than the guppy, and when fitted with ailerons becomes quite acrobatic.

This glider is able to fly on the lift created by a long 3m high dune in about 4-6m/s wind and get enough energy up after 3-4 passes to do some acrobatics

For ailerons/flaperons: Cut the trailing edge pice just behind the wing ribs. Glue in a flat piece of carbon and re-attach the trailing edge with hinges or tape. There is enough room just behind the main spar for a micro-servo in each wing. This makes a thin aileron that works well, but is limited as flaperons.

madtaurus13 | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Aug 21, 2015

, 1:1 700 1000,

Greg | Geverifieerde koper

  • Quality
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  • Overall

Customer Rated

Jun 20, 2015

High quality kit. The parts fit and are perfectly cut.
There is lots of scrap for modifications, reinforcing etc.
The instructions are a Little unclear, so dry-fit all parts.
There is plenty of room in the fuselage to move receiver and batteries, so balancing is easy. The wing is strong, with two carbon strips at the top and bottom of the spar.
The trailing edge can be cut to make ailerons. There is enough room in the wing for a micro servo in each wing giving it the ability to have flaperons.
Performance is fair for DLG due to the aircraft being a Little bit heavy, but this just adds speed when slope soaring.

mdmbc | Geverifieerde koper

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 11, 2015

This looks to be much higher quality than the other HK balsa kits. The parts are all numbered, and there is are full size layout plans in the box. The laser cutting looks good, and the hardware is also included.

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