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FrSky Gas Suite Sensor

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FrSky Gas Suite Sensor


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For those enthusiasts of internal combustion engines, the FrSky Gas Suite will be an excellent addition to your radio suite. The multifunctional Gas Suite is mainly used to monitor the operating state of an internal combustion engine. It allows real-time measuring of the operating temperature, RPM and fuel flow velocity. In addition, the Gas Suite also allows the user to control the ignition system manually, allowing the user full control during operation.


• Monitors in real-time environment temperature and operating temperature of the engine.
• Monitors in real-time RPM and the gas flow velocity
• Smart Port enabled and supports telemetry data transmission
• Enables and disables the ignition control system manually
• Parameter (Initial quantity of gas, alarm values and etc.) configuration through transmitters and FreeLink (PC)


Operating Voltage Range: 4.0V~10V
Measured Range of Speed: 100~100000r/min (Degree of Accuracy: ±2%)
Measured Range of Flow Velocity: 20~800ml/min (Degree of Accuracy: ±2%)
Measured range of temperature:
TEMP1: PT100: -20℃~ 310℃, Degree of accuracy: ±1%
TEMP2: NTC: -20℃~ 250℃, Degree of accuracy: ±1%
Physical interface: Temp1 & 2, FLOW, CDI pulse In & Out, Channel In, Smart Port
Dimensions: 40x28.8x12.7mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 19g


Note: Please see under "Files" tab for the instruction manual.

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Bordas | Geverifieerde koper

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Dec 23, 2019


Floris | Geverifieerde koper

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Good stuff, manual is a bit short and uncomprehensive

Jun 13, 2019

Works really good, the manual however is very unclear. You will need a Lua script and install it onto your Frsky transmitter before you can use it. The Lua display you get on the transmitter is also acting a bit weird while skipping trough the pages. Resetting the remaining fuel capacity is also not very straight forward, but you nee to change the current value for remaining fuel and then it resets.

Manual-Gas Suite.pdf Download [3]
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