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Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP 8BL150 G2 Sensorless Brushless ESC for 1/8 Trucks & Monster Trucks

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Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP 8BL150 G2 Sensorless Brushless ESC for 1/8 Trucks & Monster Trucks


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The Hobbywing QUICRUN WP range of ESCs is suitable for the harshest of environments when racing or bashing due to its exceptional water-proof and dust-proof design. This protection level is up to IP-67 standards, which means it is splash-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof under normal use, it has not been designed to be permanently immersed in water for any period of time. The G2 version offers innovative intelligent freewheeling technology, is highly efficient, operates at a lower temperature for improved reliability, and has an upgraded BEC system suitable for HV servos. This upgraded BEC system is adjustable from 6-7.4V, with a continuous current of 6A, and an amazing maximum burst current of 12A.

The PCB of the 8BL150 G2 is covered with a patented copper, heat conduction bus bar which helps facilitate rapid heat conduction. This coupled with the highly reliable cooling fan system ensures that the ESC is always kept at an optimum safe operating temperature. The electronic on/off switch has also been upgraded, it is now more durable to resist impact and corrosion damage, and accidental shutdowns are no longer an issue. Other features include a very effective capacitor overheat system that prevents ESC damage, and a built-in 2040uF capacitor module, which eliminates the need for cumbersome external capacitors.

With its rugged durability and cutting-edge features, the QUICRUN-WP 8BL150 G2 is ready to take on the most demanding of conditions and is perfect for vehicles such as 1/8 cars, trucks, monster trucks, and off-road buggies.

• Suitable for 1/8 trucks & monster trucks
• Water-proof/dust-proof design up to IP-67 standards
• Built-in capacitor module for a neat installation
• Multiple built-in safety features
• Innovative intelligent freewheeling technology
• Powerful 6~7.4V 6A BEC system suitable for HV servos
• Highly efficient cooling system

Type: Hobbywing QUICRUN-WP 8BL150 G2 Brushless ESC
Current: 150A/950A (burst current)
Voltage: 3~6S LiPo
BEC Output: 6~7.4V@6A (12A burst current)
Motor Type: Sensorless
Input Wires: 10AWG
Connectors: 6.5mm gold
Motor Limits (4S): 3000KV
Motor Limits (6S): 2400KV
Dimensions: 60x48x40.4mm
Weight: 169.5g

Please note: A copy of the user manual is available under the "Manual/Files" tab.

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QUICRUN Brushless ESC Instruction Manual Download [11]
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