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KB36-50-16S 2200kv borstelloze motor

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KB36-50-16S 2200kv borstelloze motor


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KB36-50-16S borstelloze motor

Shaft Maat: 5mm x 17mm
Motor Afmetingen: 36mm x 51mm
Gewicht: 224g
Kv: 2200
Idle stroom: 1.6A
Resistance: 0,0243
Max Amp: 41
Max Volts: 22V (6s LiPoly)
Max Watts: 800w

  • Kv ( tpm / v ) 2200.00
  • Max Currents (A ) 41.00
  • Resistance ( mh ) 0.00
  • Max Voltage ( V ) 22.00
  • Vermogen ( W) 800.00
  • Shaft A ( mm ) 5.00
  • Lengte B ( mm ) 51.00
  • Can Diameter C ( mm ) 36.00
  • Kan Lengte D ( mm ) 48.00
  • Totale lengte E ( mm ) 67.00

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  • attributeset-10


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| Geverifieerde koper

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Certified Buyer Rated

Oct 03, 2011

very nice motor got hooked up to my rwd hellhound truck 1/10 with 60amp esc on 2600mah 3s,doing wheelies.

UndercoverAddict | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Jun 22, 2011

When people say glue the end bell, they mean it. In the wrong situation, it will torque itself right off the motor. Is it a good motor? NO. Is it good for the price? YES. The performance of the motor is plenty good enough, it just runs super hot in any "relatively heavy" setup. It won't work wonders in a 1/8 unless your trying to start a fire, but I'm sure it would eat a little 1/10th Short Course for lunch. Might be good for a backup 1/8 motor if it's not given too much juice...It sure is cheap which never hurts anything. It's low-cost, runs too hot, but has good performance. For me, it can't handle my 1/8, but it's too much for my 1/10... maybe you have a better use for it.

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