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Micro F3 Flight Controller Combo with DSMX/DSM2 Receiver & 4in1 20A ESC

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Micro F3 Flight Controller Combo with DSMX/DSM2 Receiver & 4in1 20A ESC


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This compact F3 Flight Controller includes a DSMX/DSM2 compatible receiver unit and 4 integrated ESCs capable of handling up to 20A in total. It utilizes the DShot 600 protocol (Betaflight compatible) to communicate between the flight controller and the ESCs, proven and tested sensors, and a next-generation CPU. This small, lightweight package delivers reliability and incredible flight performance.

It was developed specifically for the DroneArt RC EYE Imprimo FPV drone but is perfect for any small custom-made drone. The upper and lower boards (FC and ESC) are interconnected without soldering. The small footprint of the board has 4 motor connectors and integrated LEDs at each corner. The STM32F303CCT6 processor offers a 6-axis gyro including an accelerometer, the ability to update firmware, and to customize parameter settings.

Please note: These units are being sold at a very low price as we do not have files, instructions, or a lot of specifications for their use, they are perfect for the DIY modeler.

Input Voltage: 2-3S (they may handle 4S)
Receiver: DSMX/DSM2 compatible
ESC Protocol: DShot 600
ESC Output: 20A
Power Input Connector: JST
Dimensions: 20mmx20mm

1) This is not a Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 product, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 product.
The Spektrum and DSMX/DSM2 brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.
2) This is not an underground black market fake Spektrum product.

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Andreas | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Interesting, with limitations

Nov 16, 2023

Start with the pros:
- at the time i bought these, the price was really incredibly low.
- The FC does its job and provides a good platform for your own quad projects. I used it on a 3S 3" quad (look for "Cameron" on Thingiverse).
- Drift is ok, and preprogrammed settings are working very well (an older Betaflight).
- Output for some LEDs and a buzzer... if you know WHERE
- Some onboard LEDs
Some cons:
- one out of 4 units i bought is not working properly, i haven´t identified the issue yet.
- Doubts if it is really ready to handle 4x20A.
- No OSD
- no documentation provided
- i´d prefer good solder pads over these connectors. These won´t come off easily
- Receiver range is not too great; this is more aimed at indoor / whoop type quads
- Preprogrammed setup puts the power connetor and the aerial to the FRONT, in the way of your FPV cam.

Chris | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Value

Great value .. so far, so good

Oct 09, 2023

I bought 4 of these just to experiment. I have the first one installed to a 5" Floss with 1804 motors and 20mm x 20mm VTx. I have the whole stack turned 180 degrees from the expected orientation. The 4in1 ESC has to be oriented the same as the FC since they connect directly through a vertical set of pins between the boards. Because of this, I had to re-assign ESC resources to match the reversed ESC orientation. Once all that was done, the quad flies true. Just flew for the first time earlier today and completed a bunch of flips and rolls; so far no tendency for the IMU to drift. NOTE: The extra connectors visible in the photos DO NOT give access to the unused COM ports; one connector is just for powering stuff with 5V and one connector is for powering and driving external LEDs. The built-in receiver talks to the FC via a COM port (at least for the DSMX version), not PPM. No good way to drive an external OSD, so use a camera or VTx with voltage display OSD for battery status. Will be a fun little quad to toss around, not much invested for a light flier.

DroneArt RC EYE Imprimo - 88028RC_v1_0218_02_m_jh_en_6.pdf Download [3]
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