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Micro P-40 super schaal w / stand (PNF)

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Micro P-40 super schaal w / stand (PNF)


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Deze fantastische micro P-40 heeft een uitstekende schaal afwerking, zozeer zelfs, dat het zelfs geleverd met een display stand! Being Plug n Fly, heeft al het harde werk al voor je gedaan, de meegeleverde borstelloze motor, ESC en servo's zijn allemaal vooraf geïnstalleerd als de schaal spinner en drie blade prop, alles wat je hoeft te doen is sluit de vleugel, installeer uw eigen ontvanger en gaan vliegen! Deze fantastisch uitziende kleine Warhawk is een geweldige aanvulling op onze Micro line-up en is een must voor micro warbird fans!

Spanwijdte: 645mm
Lengte: 540mm
Flying Gewicht: 210g
Motor: C2205AX 1500KV Brushless Outrunner
Servo: 10A w / BEC
Servo: 5g x 2

Wing Mount gereedschap
Display Stand
Spare prop en spinner

Uw eigen 4-kanaals TX / RX
450 ~ 500mAh 2s LiPoly Battery

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Reasty | Geverifieerde koper

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Certified Buyer Rated

Oct 28, 2013

This is a great little plane,it looks fantastic and very very scale and it also flys very nice,spares can be bought from century uk as this is the art-tech mini p40.

breogan | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Aug 08, 2012

Es muy instable, necesita vloar rpido. Le he puesto Bateras 3S (11.4). Con las de 7.4v se queda corto de potencia. Es de vuelo nervioso, para pilotos con experiencia.
Buen acabado y resistente. Los servos se ven muy delicados, los brazos son algo endebles, se parte el brazo del link.

Sabeis cual es el cdigo de las palas?

Un saludo.

Hansc | Geverifieerde koper

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Customer Rated

Jan 06, 2012

I had the E-Flite version which is EXACLTY the same. Same details in foam, same stand with bom, etc. Only difference I can spot is the 3 bladed prop while the e-flite came with a 2 blade prop.

The metal hook that comes with it is to pull a rubber band (also on the picture) through the cockpit on a plastic hook in the turtle deck to keep the wing up. Good system until you forget the hook somewhere and have to get it through otherwise. Once on the system never failed on me so good anyway. The plastic hook is on the picture with the battery connector sticking out of the cockpit.

It flies quite fast and is very agile. Really needed to add some expo in order to get it controllable. I had it quite soon in my flight career, after some trainers. Was my first low wing but for that it's just not suited. You have to be an experienced flier or this will be all over the place.

Doesn't take impact to well. Not like EPO foam at least. It is less flexibel and cracks on hard impact. Weak spots are the fuse on top of the wing under the canopy. Also the tail surfaces are very thin. Once these are cracked it's hard to get them back together. Maybe with some carbon rod, didn't try that yet.

The canopy is on with some magnets and I never lost it in flight. The canopy itself is all plastic so quite fragile.

Needs small 3,5g servo's. One for the ailerons (single in the middle of the wing inside)

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