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Multicopter Basics #3 - What's your Objective?

Written by Thomas

Many hobbyists have been down this path before focusing too much on the multicopter and technology and not enough on the key objective. This can be time consuming and in some cases, it can be costly too! So it is important to clearly identify what your objective is when buying an multicopter

Do you want to simply fly for fun? Or, do you want to get into aerial photography? Maybe you want to race drones around a circuit or at your local field with friends.

It all starts with the purpose of your drone. This will determine many factors including the type of electronics you use, the airframe, the flight computer and one of the biggest things most people base their decision on; the cost.

Building a general drone for fun is probably the easiest to build because there’s less to consider i.e. a drone for video or still photography can be a little complicated because weight is a big consideration here. After you have determined what you want to do with your multicopter, you will need to spend some time researching various options in available the market.

There are many people out there just like you asking the same questions. The good thing is that most questions have been answered previously within the Hobby News page, so you can find it on here, or anywhere else online.

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