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NGH GT35 35cc Side Exhaust Gas Engine (4.2hp)

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NGH GT35 35cc Side Exhaust Gas Engine (4.2hp)


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NGH Engines are gaining a well-deserved reputation for performance and value. The ongoing development from NGH makes these some of the best on the market today. The NGH GT35 is a solid performer with plenty of power and excellent reliability.

The engine has a front-mounted carb allowing it to be installed into most models with ease. No bulky carb hanging off the side like some other models on the market. 

• Compact, lightweight and powerful
• Traditional beam mount
• Excellent quality, performance, and reliability

Type: Gas 2 stroke engine
Power: 4.2hp
Cylinders: Single
Displacement: 34.95cc
Bore x Stroke: 37.3 x 32mm
Crank Type: Forged with dual bearing support
Crankshaft Thread: 3/8"x 24TPI
Carburetor: Walbro WT series (diaphragm and butterfly valve)
RPM Range: 2000 - 9000rpm
Ignition: Auto advanced RCEXL DC-CDI
Spark Plug: CM6 Rcexl
Ignition Power: 4.8V DC (4 cell NiMH battery)
Fuel: Unleaded Gas/Oil mix 33:1
Recommended Propellers: 18x8/18x10/20x8 2 blade
Weight: 1400g with ignition system

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Jim S | Geverifieerde koper

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Apr 09, 2021

This is a great running engine. It was very easy to start and it swings a Aerostar 19x8 prop at 7200 rpm and it isn't even broke in yet.

srxtwins | Geverifieerde koper

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

perfect fit for my needs

Feb 13, 2020

Have not had a chance to run it up yet but the design of it with the carb in front is exactly what I needed for the application. The only thing bad so far was the shipping options,need more and better choices than offered.

Kevin | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Great running engine

Jan 08, 2020

I'm not sure why the only review on this side exhaust NGH engine is so low. I've had one for a couple of years now and have found it to be a very reliable engine. It is easy to tune, runs great and has lots of power. The only negatives that come to mind is that is is a little heavier than some other brands this size and the fact that it doesn't like to be started by hand. It will fire right up and be ready to go with an electric starter which is a much safer way to start it anyway.

Bernard | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

La qualité n'est pas au rendez-vous

Feb 23, 2019

Très bel aspect. Mais un incroyable jeu à l'embiellage ! Démarre facilement mais ratatouille à haut régime. Cale inexplicablement en vol.
Testé à l'aide du kit HK-233000005, on se rend compte qu'il y a des périodes de plusieurs secondes sans étincelle à la bougie, bien que la LED de contrôle continue à clignoter.

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