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Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter EPO Trainer 1700mm (PNF)

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Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter EPO Trainer 1700mm (PNF)


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De PC-6 Turbo Porter is bekend om zijn Short Take-off en landing (STOL) prestaties op vrijwel elk type terrein, staat opstijgen binnen een afstand van 640 voeten en landing binnen een afstand van 427 voet, terwijl het dragen van een laadvermogen van 2646 pond. Dankzij de STOL prestaties, de PC-6 heeft het wereldrecord voor de hoogste landing door een fixed-wing vliegtuigen, op 18.865 voet (5.750 m), op de Dhaulagiri gletsjer in Nepal.

Als gevolg van deze kenmerken, worden ze vaak gebruikt om toegang te krijgen tot kort gras bergtop landingsbanen in de hooglanden van Papoea Province (Indonesië) en Papoea-Nieuw-Guinea. De portier was ook geproduceerd onder licentie in de Verenigde Staten tijdens de vroege jaren 1970 voor de activiteiten tijdens de oorlog in Vietnam. Het kreeg de aanduiding AU-23A Peacemaker voor de dienst bij de US Air Force en UV-20 Chiricahua voor dienst bij het Amerikaanse leger.

Onze PC-6 een volledig gegoten casco gemaakt van robuuste EPO schuim. Aankomen als een plug-and-fly model, kan de PC-6 worden voorbereid op de vlucht in ongeveer een uur van het werk. Het vereist geen lijm te bouwen omdat het allemaal bout of vastschroeven design. De vooraf geïnstalleerde 4212 700 kv motor biedt voldoende vermogen voor schaal short take-offs en glider slepen plicht allemaal op de veel voorkomende 4S 14.8V 3000mAh lipo. Toegang dat lipo is zeer eenvoudig via een luik op de bodem van het vliegtuig. Geen behoefte om de vleugels uit te trekken alleen maar om verpakkingen te veranderen. Hoewel een sport schaalmodel, de PC-6 functies schaal vleugel veerpoten en de zeer herkenbare brede set landingsgestel.

Het vliegen van de PC-6 is groot; met zijn grote vleugel zal het mooi rond zweven bij lagere snelheden, maar vol gas en vastlopen in de stokken in de hoeken en ze komt tot leven. Starts en landingen zijn een koud kunstje dankzij de bestuurbare staart wiel en brede set landingsgestel. Verlaag de flappen om echt te vertragen voor een soepele, nauwkeurige landingen. Andere geweldige functies werken LED-verlichting, een zweefvliegtuig ontgrendeling, en zelfs een druppelaar deur in de romp bodem voor het vrijgeven van snoep, parachute man, of wat dan ook!

Dit klassieke schaal STOL model is nu beschikbaar. Een kleine hoeveelheid werk is alles wat nodig is om deze klassieke klaar om te gaan maken!

• Plug and Fly - voeg enkel radio syteem, batterij en vliegen!
• Gegoten van robuuste EPO foam
• Alle bouten samen de bouw, geen lijm nodig
• Eenvoudige toegang bodem luik voor snelle veranderingen batterij
• Glider ontgrendeling
• Twee stuk vleugels met schaal strut detail
• Robuuste schaal landingsgestel
• Werken vleugelkleppen voor sfeervolle slow landingen
• Op afstand bediende bom bay area voor het laten vallen snoep, parachute mannen, etc
• LED-verlichting vleugeltip

Spanwijdte: 1700mm
Lengte: 1252mm
Gewicht: 1900g
Wing Area: 33,5 dm2
Wing Loading: 56.7g / dm2
Motor: 4212 700 kv borstelloze Outrunner
ESC: 40A

6 ~ 7 kanaals zender en ontvanger
4S 14.8V 3000mAh

  • Pilatus PC - 6
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nkl | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value


Apr 22, 2017

Great value and good quality model. A bit underpowered with the stock setup. Plastic landing struts should not be screwed in at wheels or you will definitely break them. Recommended CG is perfect with a 3000mAH 4s. You should not need any ballast. The little foam piece everyone wonders about is meant to hold the battery in place as you slide it into the fuse. The manual is pretty clear about this. Fantastic flyer and looks very scale. Will do the slow dives at altitude like the full-scale aircraft with full flaps deployed.

Michael | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Very happy with plane and Hobby King so far.

Mar 19, 2017

Ordered this plane on a Friday night and had it in my hands the following Friday....can't beat that for fast delivery. Had a problem with the ESC which HobbyKing rectified without any problems. Easy to put together, this is my first RC plane and I did not have any problems assembling this model. Had its maiden flight today by a mate of mine with 30+ yrs of experience who did the trimming and when he handed the controls to me it flew perfectly. Very pleased with this purchase, thanks HobbyKing.

Waka172rg | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great plane

Jan 02, 2017

Great plane glad to have it in my hanger from New Zealand.

Reginald | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Mar 24, 2016

Always loved the PC 6 from my time in the Army. Mine arrived yesterday, unboxed and fully assembled that night and ready for its maiden flight today. A word on the unboxing and assembly. Not all the screws as detailed in the instructions were there. Not a big deal if you have screws from previous planes on hand. The rest of the assembly was very straight forward. I set everything as per the instructions including the CG. I used a 3300 4s Dualsky battery and had to add 2 ounces to the tail to balance the plane. Maiden including an additional 3 flights all went very well. Take offs and Landings were no problems at all on our grass strip. No hidden vices here. This ones a keeper for sure.

new old flyer | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Dec 15, 2015

admittedly i got the plane on the black friday deal for 118 shipped which was a great value on this plane. this was my first art tech plane and it came packaged nicely. fit and finish was spot on, it went together easily in about an hour. had the maiden today and it flies perfectly, drop the flaps full down and it slows to a crawl. I took it up about 200 feet, cut power and put on full flaps, full elevator, and it glided nicely all the way down. no tip stall. it felt a little underpowered so i'm not sure about the towing option but it had enough to fly around very nice and scale. the only thing i plan on changing are the main wheels which are ok but i think a little bigger air filled tires will soak up landing bumps better and give a little more clearance for grass runways.

John | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Nov 21, 2015

This is great model. It is one of the best i have purchased, great packaging, fly great and lots of fun things, dropping candy to towing a glider. It is very stable and easy to put together. With the Black Friday sale it is a steal, don't miss this one. As you can tell I love the plane

peter | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Aug 29, 2015

First to write a review on the Pilatus Porter.....LOL
I am extremely happy with the plane and give it 5 stars , Everything was well packed and assembly / setup was a breeze . I am adding slightly larger Dubro wheels and have upgraded the motor to the NTM 42-30 750kv motor . If you are a Pilatus fan this plane is a must .

Antsis | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

May 08, 2015

Took advantage of $20 off plus the ANZAC day free shipping. Arrived in 4 days. Well packed. The instructions are just a few pictures. The plane goes together fine, but found the plastic supports for the undercarriage too short by about 4mm. I felt if I forced them into the wheel hubs so the screws lined up, there would be too much stress on the mountings. Wing struts fit fine with clips on the wing mounts. Unfortunately this means the struts are left sticking off the fuse. Would have preferred if the strut mounts in the wings hinged so they could line against the wing when stored.
Only other niggles;
I found that to fit my 4S 3300mA packs, I had to do quite a bit of cutting in the nose. At the recommended cg, I had to push the battery back under the wing otherwise it felt too nose heavy.
Tires are very hard. I would recommend fitting softer ones.

Flying wise. The plane flies well and has no vices. With about 20 degrees of flap it gets airborne in 3-4 meters. Full flap landings are great. The model slows down quickly and needs to be flown in.
I would have rated it higher if not for the issues mentioned.

Ncbob | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Apr 10, 2015

Worst packaging for a plane that I've ever seen from HobbyKing. Usually they do much better. This was honestly pretty bad and I'm surprised it didn't get damaged in transit. All they did was wrap it with brown wrapping tape and a little bit of paper.

Also the elevator servo was DOA, so right off the bat I'm going to have to replace it before I can fly it.

But the quality of the model is pretty good, the foam detailing is fairly crisp and clean. The elevator and rudder surfaces are a bit stiff, but the ailerons and flaps move very cleanly and crisply. Nice mounting for the landing gear. No instructions on how to mount the radio or all the hatches on the plane, but it wasn't too hard to figure out.

Hopefully it will fly as good as it looks.

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