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PLA Premium X³ White 500g 1.75mm HobbyKing

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PLA Premium X³ White 500g 1.75mm HobbyKing


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HobbyKing Premium 3D printing filaments set the new gold standard in 3D filaments. Print with strong, flexible filament to create spare parts, artworks and 3D models. PLA X³ is engineered for fast printing (>120mm/s) and prints like PLA but performs like ABS. PLAX³ is much tougher and higher impact resistant than normal PLA,It also provides a great looking semi-matte finish.


HobbyKing Premium PLA has a lower melting point and prints easier than other materials. One of the most important features is that PLA is non-toxic, and even has a sweet smell when printing. PLA has a low shrinkage rate and it is very rigid with minimal flex. This material can print extremely high-resolution models and is perfect for a wide range of uses. PLA is considered stronger than ABS but is more susceptible to cracking when subjected to flexing, impact or torsional loads so the mechanical needs of the print project need to be evaluated.


PLA has a huge range of vibrant colors and opacity for that perfect look whether it is artistic or utilitarian, in short a great material for 3D printing. PLA can be printed without the use of a heat bead and can stick to glass or a PCB plate with a binder such as hairspray or white glue for a curl-free print.


3D printing is a fun and exciting hobby with a wide range of uses from prototyping parts to making toys for the kids. Picking the right filament for your application is very important.


• Stable melting point
• Good round shape
• Uniform diameter tolerance 0.05mm
• Consistent colors
• Semi-matte finish
• Fast printing (>120mm/s)
• Tougher and higher impact resistant


Filament Material: PLA Premium X³
Print Temperature: 220~240°C
Bed Temperature: 60°C
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Quantity: 500g
Color: White

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Mondrian | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Alles okay

Jan 21, 2023

...noch nicht ausprobiert

Smallz | Geverifieerde koper

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Terrible white filament

Dec 17, 2020

I bought this as at the time all other white filaments were out of stock where I live. I regret buying it, while the print quality is okay it is near impossible to get it to stick to the bed, I tried temps ranging from 50-75C with/without hairspray and a perfect Z-offset and it would stick maybe 1/3 times when the most reliable temperature was used (220C nozzle, 60C bed). I've not had this issue with any other filament.
It is very translucent, and almost cream in colour so not a pure white and certainly not very premium. Would not recommend, I've since settled with an excellent GEEETECH branded white filament.

Christophe | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Quality
  • Value

Pla pearl

Oct 14, 2019

Belle finition très facile à imprimer

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