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Turnigy EasyMatch G46 Series - vervanging van de as

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Turnigy EasyMatch G46 Series - vervanging van de as


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Turnigy EasyMatch G46 Series - vervanging van de as

Schachtlengte: 76mm
Shaft diameter: 6mm


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Kiwibob | Geverifieerde koper

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Replacement shaft

Jan 28, 2022

Purchased G46 shaft and fitted it t=o the motor without any problems

David B | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Value

G46 back to life

Nov 20, 2021

Thank you HobbyKing for making this replacement shaft available, it has enabled me to repair a perfectly good motor and bring it back to life. Here’s an account of how I did it.
I needed to replace a crash-bent shaft in my G46 550kV motor. The grub screws came out without too much trouble but pulling apart the stator and rotor bell was a tough job because of the strong magnets. Once I had managed to pull them apart, I could not press (in my vice) the shaft out of the rotor bell. Possibly some thread locker had wicked its way from the grub screw along the shaft or perhaps it was a tight interference fit. Anyway, a friend recommended heating the rotor bell with a hot air gun on the principle that since it was made of an aluminium alloy it would expand more that the steel shaft and would therefore allow the shaft to be pressed out. Using strips of thin card wrapped around the body of the rotor bell, I created a protective jacket that was just under 4mm thick. The purpose of this was to minimise heating of the rotor bell’s body - I didn’t want to risk de-magnetising the magnets or weaken the bond of the glue holding the magnets in place. I put a few drops of water onto the top of the jacket to prevent it burning when heat was applied to the nose of the rotor bell. I used a hot air paint stripper gun to apply the heat and was then able to press the shaft out (in my vice), very easily. It looked like some thread locker had indeed wicked in between the shaft and rotor bell, so I carefully removed this with a small file.
The motor had three bearings, two off size 6x12x4 (MR126 ZZ) in the nose of the rotor and one off 6x19x6 (626 ZZ) in the stator. Since one of the nose bearing was damaged, I decided to replace all three, which I purchased from SMB Bearings Ltd, in Carterton, UK.
Using my digital caliper I compared the replacement shaft diameter with the original. Both were exactly the same. The replacement shaft was a tight fit, but it could be fitted by hand - no vice required. The motor is now working just as good as new.

Eric | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Value

Very slow delivery!

Dec 06, 2020

Very slow delivery

Rusty | Geverifieerde koper

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Nov 19, 2019

Good spare

Gary | Geverifieerde koper

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  • Quality


Oct 03, 2019

Exactly as ordered

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