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Universal 2 Part Epoxy Repair Putty (30g)

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Universal 2 Part Epoxy Repair Putty (30g)


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A must for every toolbox, this cold setting epoxy putty will repair just about anything. Uses include repairing metals, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and masonry etc. It comes in with 2 sticks, one has the properties of epoxy resin and one has the properties of the hardner. To use you cut equal quantities off of each stick and knead them together, they have different colors, one being blue and the other yellow, when you have a green color they are mixed properly. The putty is now ready for use, it moulds like ordinary putty but when cured it sets like rock.

Once cured it can be drilled, filed and sawn, it is great for filling holes or screw threads so that you can re-drill and tap to repair the thread. Once mixed it needs to be used within 5 minutes and is fully cured in 3 hours at normal room temperature.

• Cold setting self hardening putty
• Moulds like putty, sets like rock
• Non shrinking
• Water, heat and chemical resistant
• Tough and durable
• Will stick to most materials
• Many many uses

Type: Universal 2 Part Epoxy Repair Putty
Parts: 1 part resin/ 1 part hardnener
Quantity: 30g

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dont understand this request | Geverifieerde koper

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The product was satisfactory but was inadequate for the job I had in mind.

Jun 10, 2020

Over priced for the quantity provded

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