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GWS EP Hélice (RD-9047 228x119mm) cinza (6pcs / set)

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GWS EP Hélice (RD-9047 228x119mm) cinza (6pcs / set)

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Todos GWS EP Hélices abastecido!
GWS EP Hélice (RD-9047 228x119mm)

DD: Direct Drive (rápido fiação) Borda -Straight
RD: Redução da unidade (Fly lenta, Outrunner ou Gearbox) - borda curva

  • Diâmetro X ( Inch) 9.00
  • Afastamento Y ( Inch) 4.70
  • Rotação CW

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  • attributeset-13


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Farzin | Comprador Verificado

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Nov 02, 2013

Installed these on a scratch built Deadcat AUW: 1020g, Propulsion: Turnigy Multistar 2209-980KV, with 3S Lipo. Absolute piece of GARBAGE - DO NOT waste your money on these props. They are out of balance, extremely weak at the root. Flex and Flutter like hell. The worst purchase I have ever made at HK. And guess what, I made a mistake in order Qty, and inadvertently ordered twelve packs of it (different colours - 72 pieces all up). They are all the same rubbish. I will sell them for US$2 per pack. Any body interested!!!???

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