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HobbyKing Angelbipe 3D EPP 820 milímetros w / Motor (Kit)

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HobbyKing Angelbipe 3D EPP 820 milímetros w / Motor (Kit)

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O Angelbipe 3D é um plano perfeito acrobático todos EPP 3D para pequenas parkflying ou campo de beisebol local. As grandes superfícies de controle podem ser definidas de baixo para a resposta dócil lisa ou virou-se para o máximo de diversão 3D!

O Angelbipe 3D pode realmente levar uma surra, graças à sua ultra-carbono durável reforçada EPP construção de espuma. Isso é ótimo para aqueles inesperados desembarques "crash". Na maioria dos casos, o Angelbipe 3D simplesmente saltar fora da terra e estar pronto para voar de novo imediatamente.

O Angelbipe 3D é fácil de construir e inclui todo o hardware necessário. Basta adicionar o seu próprio sistema ESC brushless, servos e rádio para completar o kit.

• Kit versão - basta instalar a sua escolha de bateria e eletrônicos
• construção de espuma ultra resistente EPP
• A fibra de carbono reforçado fuselagem
• projeto lightwieght
• Inclui motor brushless outrunner
• Fácil de voar

Envergadura: 820 milímetros
Comprimento: 924 milímetros
Voar Peso: 400-450g com a bateria
Motor: 2208 1260KV brushless outrunner
Hélice: 8x4 GWS

transmissor e receptor 4CH
20 ~ ESC brushless 30A
4 x 8 ~ servo 10g
3S 11.1V 800 ~ 1000mAh bateria lipoly

  • HK AngelBipe EPP Biplane
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new old flyer | Comprador Verificado

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Customer Rated

Nov 08, 2015

this was my first profile 3d plane. i ordered it with stock motor and prop and fly it with 1000mah 3s. everything went together easy and the battery fits well in the slot provided. the only problem i had was getting the upper and lower ailerons lined up correctly and locked in. if this is your first profile prepare to use both sticks a lot, there is little if any lift created by the wings so it goes where you point it. turns require rudder, elevator, aileron, and throttle. once you get the hang of it the plane can do about anything including hover with the stock motor and a good battery. this plane has also improved my helicopter flying because the inputs are similar for flight and turns. i have not crashed it but have set it down a little hard and it holds together. when the wind blows it around on the ground it doesnt break parts off like my friends profile planes. i am extremely happy with this plane and it has quickly become the first one in the air when i go flying.

steverb | Comprador Verificado

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Customer Rated

Mar 24, 2015

Fantastic plane. A tad tail heavy, so move tail servos up under the wing & run a carbon pushrod. Lots of fun & very easy to fly. Looks great in the air. My favorite HK plane so far.

Sky'sFalling | Comprador Verificado

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Customer Rated

Feb 20, 2015

Excellent quality EPP and components, Truly.
I bought on sale hence the 5 crowns for value.
You will need servo extension cables for rudder and elevator and a Y servo cable for the ailerons. You get 1 cable tie for holding esc in place but you will also require a battery strap and CA/HOT glue for the initial build which goes together very simple. Novice Simple ;)
Thick air frame, Great for Outdoor.

*STATUS* | Comprador Verificado

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Customer Rated

Jan 07, 2014

Builds very quickly and flies great even in wind (maiden was in 20-35kph winds) it requires a bit of side thrust so fit a few washers when fitting motor. honestly i love flying it will do just about any 3d maneuver you can imagine. Hovers rock solid and torque rolls beautifully.

Tomi-HD | Comprador Verificado

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Certified Buyer Rated

Jan 04, 2014

Though rather compact, this one is very stable and easy to fly. Hovering is also very easy with this. Slows down very well for landing, and when brake (flap side) mixing is used, it even slows down for narrow landing area of 5m x 5m. Excellent plane for fun.

Arkadiy | Comprador Verificado

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Customer Rated

Dec 09, 2013

Very qualitative goods.
Bad-no information on motor on HK.
From network: AS 2208-15 kv 1260, weight 38, Max current: 12A.
Prop Test Data:
GWS 8x4 - 11.1V / 85W / 7.8A / 0.530kg thrust
GWS 9x3.8 - 11.1V / 145W / 13.2A / 0.720kg thrust

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