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HobbyKing ™ Coreless Digital HV / MG / BB Servo 20kg / 0.16sec / 66g

HobbyKing ™ Coreless Digital HV ...

HK15298B High Voltage Coreless Digital MG / Servo BB
Torque: 18 kg @ 6v, 20 kg @ 7.4v
Peso: 66 g Velocidade: 0,18 / 60deg @ 6v, 0,16 / 60deg @ 7.4v
Voltagem: 4.8V ~ 7.4V
Tipo de Motor: Coreless

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Visão geral
HK15298B High Voltage Coreless Digital MG / Servo BB

Torque: 18 kg @ 6v, 20 kg @ 7.4v
Peso: 66 g
Velocidade: 0,18 / 60deg @ 6v, 0,16 / 60deg @ 7.4v
Voltagem: 4.8V ~ 7.4V
Tipo de Motor: Coreless
Ligue: JR Estilo

Alloy dissipador de calor
Dual Ball-Correu

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So, just in case you cant tell, this is an aluminum servo. Really nice looking too. Torque wise its pretty fast, not blazing, but an upgrade from most normal stock servos. Only complaint is the constant whine. It never stops. I've tried all adjustments possible, and I've stopped this problem on other servos... no luck here though. Maybe because its coreless? Amazing servo for price though (not the first time you've heard that on HK, huh?).
Have used this servo on 1/8 buggy , 1.5 gallons of fuel. Works well and is fast and powerful. Highly recommend it.
i used it in Yeti XL. it was fast( well, not super fast but good enough for yeti) and powerful to push yeti XL's huge tires.
centering was a bit weak, could be due to yeti's steering slop as well. but overall, it was a huge bargain in terms of its performance. I don't know how good those savoX can be, but the performance of this unit is 1) way exceeds my expectation in power and precision 2) has been working reliably for a month now.
tried it on yeti XL. it has decent torque. Might be a tad slow but overall a very good performance for a $20 servo.
Im running this servo in all of my crawlers.. and i have one had an issue with one after a fall from 2 meters height i striped the teeth of the maingear but that was after 1,5 years of abuse of snow, water, mud. and that crawler is heavy, around 5kg..

So i can strongly recommend this servo as a competitor to Savx..
Alles in allem ein gutes Servo mit sehr gutem P/L verhltniss.

Krftig ist es, allerdings auch nicht das schnellste. Fr einen Monstertruck empfehlenswert.
Einen Buuggy auf der Strecke wrde ich eher ein Schnelleres verwenden.
Fr den hobbyfahrer oder Basher ist es Empfehlenswert.
Servocomando di ottima fattura con ingranaggi in metallo e parte della cassa pure, abbastanza leggero e durevole inoltre possibile utilizzare tranquillamente senza il rischio di bruciarlo sia batterie LiFe che batterie lipo, consigliato assolutamente.
Good powerful;l servo for the price. Good value and suitable for my jet models. I will buy more in the future
Bought 4 of these - 3 were great, good quality servo.
The 4th had really excessive play in the output. Opened it up and it turned out that the middle gear shaft was only of 1.6mm diam instead of 2mm as in the others !! Hence lots of sloppy play in the gear train and output. Good marks for price/general quality. Bad marks for quality control - some other gear shaft has snuck in there.
I won't even bother trying to return/exchange it with HK - I'd rather have teeth pulled than go through that.
Really good servo, works well and is quick and responsive!
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