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P-51D Mustang RTF w / Brushless Sistema

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P-51D Mustang RTF w / Brushless Sistema

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Outra pequena foamie warbird bem detalhado.
Este kit vem com um outrunner brushless e controlador de velocidade. Tudo que você precisa fazer é instalar o seu próprio equipamento de rádio. (Servos estão incluídos) e você está pronto para voar.

O que está incluído ;
P-51D Mustang
Brushless Outrunner Motor
controlador de velocidade 18A
Tudo necessário Servos e hardware.
Manual & extras adesivos.

Dimensões plano;
Fuse Duração: 57 centímetros
Asa Comprimento: 75 centímetros
Modelo Peso: 320g

Rádio 4 canais (transmissor / receptor)

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Massimo | Comprador Verificado

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P-51 intel

Nov 14, 2007

Nice foamy!, very fragile and not enough glued, personalize it with more balsa inside, to reinforce it. Very bad landing gears structure, better to fly without.

It' really not practical to mount a Lypo inside, each time you must take away the wings!,I have tried this Towerpro motor with a 3s 950 25C and flys good. Servos are not enough precise and strong, better change them with a HS-55 or a HXT900.

I wil put a new AXi inside and fly with a new rudder servo!

dave fiorillo | Comprador Verificado

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great highly detailed little p

Nov 14, 2007

I was really suprised by this little plane. Great looks light wieght, highly detailed flys well in moderate wind 15 kmh . The only things I would change are- I would put in a little lower rpm/kv motor, the plane is crying for some serious torque. The small TP motor is okay but the plane has the strength to take some serious G's on some fast acrobatics. The landing gear is also something that should be strengthened. I found that if I shimmed the wire gear in the mounts with 3/16 air ply it re-enforced the gear and gave a better landing charateristics and stability. Also the instructions give klittle or no details on the plane's power system specs. I had to test the motor to find out the RPM/KV's.

Other than those flaws it flew really well for what you pay for it, and you can alway customize it to your flying style. Nice little park flyer But otherwise an awesome deal!!

Stefan Weiss | Comprador Verificado

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Nice Plane for little money

Nov 14, 2007

Bought this plane and I was astonished how quick I finished the ARF plane. It took me only 20 minutes, and even attached a yaw rudder (The plane is prepared for it). The weight of the finished plane (without lipo) is now only 369 grams with 3 servos and a 5 gram receiver.

Ass well the quick delievery to germany was amazing (only 5 days).

oscar romero | Comprador Verificado

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P 51

Nov 14, 2007

This airplane with 39" or 42" windspan,will be the best in the market.

Joel Charlton | Comprador Verificado

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P-51 Mustang

Nov 14, 2007

Nice foamie. Has gobs of torque from the little TP 2408-21T motor. Ran mine on the HXT 1700mah Lipo.

As stated above, reinforce the landing gears a little bit or just fly without them. The cowl is really, really thin and cracks easily but that's nothing a little scotch tape can't fix. I just think it would be a better plane with some thicker plastic up there.

When building, check the seams everywhere. I found a few places where the factory glue didn't hold up, namely at the wing seams where the ailerons join.

All in all, a fun plane to fly.

Really not a beginners plane.

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