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Scratch and Dent H-King Focke-Wulf Fw-190 1200mm (47.2") EPO (PnF)

Scratch and Dent H-King Focke-Wulf Fw-190 1200mm (47.2") EPO (PnF)

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2861 g

This model was returned to us due to having a faulty undercarriage unit. This model has never been assembled or flown and comes with all the original accessories etc.

No warranty available for this item.
Item used as a display item only.
Please do not ask questions as the item will be sold out within 24hrs.
No backorders allowed.

Scratch & Dent items are sold as-is.
Because HobbyKing loses money on each Scratch/Dent item sold we cannot offer warranty or answer questions on these products.

Item will be deactivated once a 0 stock level is reached.

When the FW190 first appeared in the sky's over France in 1941, it proved to be a shock to the RAF, totally outclassing the Spitfire Mk V. The radial-engine fighter was totally at odds with European thinking of the time, radials were considered to be inferior to liquid cooled "in-line" engines due to excess drag, the FW190 quickly made engineers re-think this idea. When an FW190 was accidentally landed intact in England by a rather lost Luftwaffe pilot, British engineers and test pilots were given the chance to study it extensively, the 190 was found to be highly advanced in many respects and many of its features were to find their way into later Allied aircraft.

This great looking FW190 is made from tough EPO foam and is superbly finished in the color scheme of an A-4 belonging to JG2 "Richthofen" (Jagdgeschwader 2), exactly WkNr734 of the second group that was based in Tricqueville/France in 1943. The main wing is carbon reinforced and is easily removable for transportation. The wing features navigation lights and split flaps and all servos have been pre-installed plus servoless retracts with undercarriage doors. The brushless outrunner motor, ESC and servo's have also been pre-installed into the fuselage, as has the sequencer to operate the undercarriage doors. The hinged battery hatch makes it easy to install the 4S battery. Up front, the superb scale spinner comes with a realistic cooling fan giving the plane a more authentic look.

This superb-looking FW190 is a joy to fly, it has tons of presence and a nice scale outline, it is well designed and robustly constructed, looking and flying like a much larger and much more expensive warbird. With its undoubted quality, superb flying characteristics, scale looks, robustness and great price, this lovely FW190 should be a welcome addition to any Warbird enthusiast’s hanger!

• Easy and Fast Construction
• Uses 2200mAh 4s Lipoly Battery for excellent flight performance
• Capable of performing inverted flight, inside/outside loops, axial/barrel rolls and scale like flying routine
• High quality and extremely robust scale molded spinner, cowl and battery hatch
• Large stable design and it flies like it is on rails
• High compression ration EPO foam material means stronger airframe and high detail scale finish
• Electronic retractable landing gear with scale struts installed and sequenced gear doors
• Scale cockpit with detailed instrument panel decals
• A pre-painted lifelike pilot
• Big operational and powerful split flaps make landing a breeze
• Robust and scale 3 bladed propeller
• Tiny fan blades have been molded to the spinner backplate which draws more air into cowling for effective motor cooling

Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2")
Length: 1020mm (40.2")
Flying Weight: 1600g
Motor: Sunnysky 3120 680KV
Propeller: 3-blade 12x8
ESC: 45A w/BEC
Servo: 9g x 7
Retracts: Servoless Electric with scale struts
Gear Doors: Sequencer/Servo Controlled

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
2200mAh 4s 25C Lipoly Batte


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