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Turnigy Micro Bateria caixa de carregamento

Turnigy Micro Bateria caixa de carregamento


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Turnigy faz micro carregamento da bateria uma brisa com sua nova caixa de carregamento Micro bateria. Este carregador pouco acessível tem dez saídas, com cinco tipos de conectores da bateria micro diferentes para carregar o seu celular única de Lipo rápida e facilmente. Não se preocupe em ter o adaptador errado, a caixa de carregamento Micro Battery cobre para a maioria das necessidades de micro. Além das saídas para o seu micro Lipos, ele também tem duas saídas USB 5V 1A para carregar seu telefone inteligente ou outros dispositivos USB. Para potência de entrada, o Turnigy MBCB tem conectores duplos XT60 prontos para aceitar a sua lipo 3S 11.1V, ou com um adaptador, poder-lo a partir de uma fonte de alimentação de 12V. A caixa de plástico moldado resistente também tem uma capa protetora para proteger os conectores de carga de sujeira ou danos durante o armazenamento.

Simple Red and Green LED de alerta-lo sobre o estado da carga. Protegendo você é a proteção contra inversão de polaridade. Se a sua bateria de entrada fica abaixo de 11V, de LED irá alertá-lo, e o carregador será desligado em uma potência de entrada 10.5V, protegendo sua cara 3S Lipo!

• Dez saídas totais, com cinco tipos de conectores diferentes - Pico, E-flite MCPX, JST, Walkera, Molex
• Saídas Dual USB 5V 1A para carregar telefones e tablets
• LED de indicar o status da carga
• controle de carga inteligente para proteger as baterias, evite sobrecarga, e inverter proteção de polaridade em cada um dos portos
• Aceita 3S 11.1V Lipo como potência de entrada, ou pode operar a partir de fonte de alimentação 12V
• cobertura de plástico rígido protege carregador quando está sendo armazenado

Poder de entrada: 12V Power Supply ou 3S 11.1V Lipoly
Max Corrente de carga:
Pico - 240MA
E-Flite / MCP-X - 500mA
Walkera - 420mA
Molex - 500mA
JST - 900mA
Tensão de carga: 4.2V
Peso: 135 g
Dimensões: 100 x 85 x 27mm

* Nota: A
maioria se o manual de instruções data pode ser encontrada na aba Arquivos.


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I bought this on the Black Friday sale. I don't use many 1s lipos, but at that price I couldn't turn it down. Honestly it is a pretty handy little charger for those kinds of things. It does have reverse polarity protection, which you will need as the walkera and molex can be plugged into each other. Honestly, though, I'd rather just have a portable USB charger and one of those multi chargers. They aren't as clean and pretty as this, but it's a more cost effective and useful setup.

My only real complaint is the questionable "feature" I've listed below.
" Accepts 3S 11.1V Lipo as input power, or can operate from 12V power supply" This means if you make an adapter, you can plug the charger into other batteries/wall power adapters...which I feel to be a rather underhanded thing to say, since that's how things work. I feel they need to rewrite that and simply omit the power supply bit. I bought this expecting to be able to plug in a standard power supply lead(the round 5.5OD and 2.1ID style). It mentions "Input Power: 12V Power Supply or 3S 11.1V Lipoly" in the specs as well. Further driving the questionable sales pitch point home. Sure, in the description it mentions "or with a adapter, power it from a 12V power supply", but anyone who's read the box of some battery powered thing, it says "adapter sold separately"
Surprisingly well thought out and built with independent charge controllers for every outlet and a steal at the Cybersale $4 price!

However as often happens the HobbyKing labelling of small connectors is wrong.

The two outlets labelled JST-XH are not. They are Molex Picoblade 1.25mm connectors as used on all the small 1S 70-180mAh LiPos found in the Elite, Parkzone and Kyosha ultra micro planes. The instructions correctly identify the batteries with pictures, but the label on the charger and in the instructions is incorrect
This is a nice little charger, especially if you have multiple different little 1S batteries to charge concurrently (rather than lots of the same connector type). With two USB ports on board, you can often add your original charger as well, to get 3 x batteries of the same type to charge at once. HOWEVER, this charger can be very frustrating when charging from a 12V lead-acid (car) battery, as it will NOT accept much higher than 12V as an input. My freshly-charged second battery in my car will output 13.0V and in doing so, put the charger into 'overvoltage' alarm and it will not work. I have to run my car fridge at the same time to drop the voltage down so that it will actually run! And you can forget about using this from a running car - which will output 13.4~13.6V from the cigarette lighter. I'm having to invest in a buck/boost voltage regulator to go in between my car and this charger to get the required 12V input and have it run reliably.
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Manual micro charger download now [4496kb]
Manual download now [4496kb]
Manual download now [4496kb]


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