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Turnigy Rapid 8000mAh 3S2P 140C Hardcase LiPo Battery Pack w/XT90

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Turnigy Rapid 8000mAh 3S2P 140C Hardcase LiPo Battery Pack w/XT90


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Turnigy Hardcase LiPo battery packs are well renowned for delivering excellent performance and durability in your favorite RC cars, trucks, boats, and more. The Turnigy Rapid range continues this pedigree by using cutting-edge technology to achieve even better performance, greater cycle life, and even lower internal resistance than any of our Hardcase packs to date. These packs are capable of delivering a mind-boggling discharge rate of up to 140C!

The Turnigy Rapid range of batteries delivers the power and run time needed for the demanding high-performance models of today. They have the ability to deliver a high under-load voltage whilst retaining reliability even after a high number of cycles. Each cell is precision-matched to each other for its voltage and internal resistance to ensure your battery pack reaches you as evenly matched as possible. The battery is equipped with heavy-duty cabling to minimize resistance and deliver a huge amount of current when you punch the throttle. Each pack comes with a heavy-duty connector (see specs) and a JST-XH style balance connector commonly found on all Turnigy batteries.

Turnigy Hardcase batteries stand up to the stress and shock associated with the punishing extremes of on or off-road racing. No matter the type of driving you're into, Turnigy Hardcase packs are the ideal choice.

• Uses cutting-edge technology to deliver even better performance
• Precision-matched cells
• Capable of up to 140C discharge rate
• Low internal resistance
• Longer cycle life
• Turnigy quality
• High energy density (lightweight and high capacity)

Capacity: 8000mAh
Configuration: 3S2P/11.1V/3Cell
Constant Discharge: Up to 140C
Balance Connector: JST-XH
Discharge Cable: 12AWG
Discharge Connector: XT90
Dimensions: 138.5x47x37mm
Weight: 498g

1 x Turnigy Rapid 8000mAh 3S2P 140C Hardcase LiPo Battery Pack w/XT90

  • Capacidade ( mAh) 8000.00
  • Descarga ( c) 140.00
  • Comprimento -A (mm) 138.50
  • Altura -B (mm) 47.00
  • Width-C(mm) 37.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-12


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