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Turnigy TP26 26cc Side Exhaust Gas Engine w/CD Ignition and Walbro Carb 2.5HP@9000rpm

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Turnigy TP26 26cc Side Exhaust Gas Engine w/CD Ignition and Walbro Carb 2.5HP@9000rpm


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Turnigy gas engines have evolved over the last few years, and have now culminated in the TP (Turnigy Power) series. These TP engines offer even more power and torque than previous versions, and they remain the perfect choice for model aircraft. They are lightweight, powerful, easy to operate, hand start with ease, and have a greater degree of reliability.

The TP26 is an excellent choice for large trainers and scale model airplanes due to its easy starting characteristics and low maintenance running. Gas engines will give you almost as much power as their nitro equivalent but are more economical so you can use a smaller tank, plus they use regular gas that can be purchased from the gas station. The TP26 comes with re-designed porting in both the head and cylinder and twin-piston rings, these help provide the extra power and torque. It still, however, keeps the engine very easy to tune, whilst still maintaining a smooth power curve, and a constant, reliable idle.

All TP engines have a composite insulator block that houses the reed valve and mounts between the Walbro carb and the engine. This insulator block helps stop heat transference from the engine to the carb for improved running. The supplied wide voltage TP electronic ignition module adjusts the timing automatically to give peak performance throughout the entire rev range of the engine.

The rear induction Walbro carburetor keeps the cross-section of the engine quite slim which is perfect for scale airplanes with tight engine cowls. Another feature designed to help fit the engine in scale cowls is the angled spark plug, this reduces the overall height of the engine quite considerably. The engine includes a two-piece composite mount with mounting bolts, spark plug, and muffler with gaskets. Just add an ignition battery, a propeller, and mount it up to your favorite airplane.

All TP engines are test run and the Walbro carburetor is tuned before it leaves the factory. However, due to different altitudes and weather conditions, slight adjustments will be necessary when you run your engine for the first time.

• Re-designed porting and twin-piston rings give even more power and torque
• Cast aluminum crankcase with beam mount and anodized aluminum components
• Walbro rear intake pumper carb
• Composite carb insulator
• Compact side-mounted muffler with gasket
• Wide voltage auto-advance TP electronic ignition module
• Two-piece composite engine mount included

Type: Turnigy TP26 26cc Side Exhaust Gas Engine
Piston Displacement: 26cc (1.60
Bore and Stroke: 34 x 26mm (1.3x1.0in)
Compression Ratio: 9:1
Max Power Output: 2.5hp @ 9000rpm
Rev Range: 1800~9000rpm
Static Thrust: 7.2kg (15.9lb) @ 100m (328ft)
Static Thrust: 6.3kg (13.9lb) @ 1800m (5905ft)
Suggested Propeller: 16x8, 17x8
Suggest Break-In Propeller: 16x8
Spark Plug: 1/4-32 ME8
Carburetor: Walbro WT1183
Cooling System: Air-cooled
Ignition: DC-CDI computer-controlled auto advance electronic ignition system
Pick-Up Sensor: Hall effect (small size)
Ignition Voltage: 6~12V
All Up Weight: 898g/1.98lbs (inc ignition and muffler)
Recommended Fuel/Oil Ratio: 30:1 90 Octane unleaded gasoline and 2T Oil

Turnigy TP26 single cylinder side exhaust gas engine w/Walbro carb
Electronic CDI ignition unit
Side exhaust muffler with gasket and bolts
1/4-32 ME8 spark plug
Two-piece composite engine mount
Set of mounting bolts
Power harness
Instruction manual

6~12V 1200mAh or larger capacity battery
Fuel tank and piping suitable for gasoline
Suitable propeller
2 stroke 30:1 gasoline mix

Please note: A copy of the instruction manual is available under the "Files" tab.

  • Official HobbyKing Review of the Range of Turnigy Power Gas Engines
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IJSSS | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Great Little Motor

Jan 05, 2023

Picked up in a recent sale price from the Aus warehouse
Bolted to my VQ giant stick with supplied hardware
Started straight up after recommended priming method as per Stuart's instructions although using an electric starter as this thing is super tight
Ran sweet using factory settings and even the idle seems fine although my recommended Turnigy RPM display has a mind of its own so will not use it
So far 1 tank of 30:1 mix has been run through it on the the ground and appears to be freeing up although tightens again when cools down
I will run up with 2 more tanks before I send it. I must say, the TP26 is very easy to start then runs smoothly so very happy there, I'm sure the walbro carb helps
Well done Turnigy

Jeff | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

This is a good engine considering its price ( very reasonable) ; however it requires proper running in. run-in

Apr 20, 2022

This is a fine engine considering its price- quite cheap and of reasonable quality . It requires proper and full running in before it performs with power ; in the beginning before full run-in, there was heavy vibration

Bill | Comprador Verificado

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Turnigy TP26

Apr 14, 2022

Mounted the 26cc motor on a 76” stick that previously used a Rimfire 1.20 electric on 6 cells. Motor was run on a test stand for approximately 1/2 hour before mounting to the airframe. I am running Royal Purple 2stroke oil at about 30:1(4+ ounces to 1 gallon of premium).Motor started easily out of the box and I have not touched the factory settings even after flying for about an hour on a 16x8 heavy plastic prop.The factory idle is a bit rich but landings with engine running are not a problem .The engine uses little fuel and a 2500 2 cell works well on ignition.
The engine is very tight out of the box and can be hand started but an electric starter is my preferred method. An old Tower Hobbies 12 volt starter using a 4cell lipo sparingly does the trick. Plenty of power for the old heavy stick.

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