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A28L 920kv Brushless Походный ж / с переменным шагом Prop Ассамблеи

A28L 920kv Brushless Походный ж / с переменным шагом Prop Ассамблеи

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Возьмите 3D самолет на следующий уровень с A28L двигателя с переменным шагом опоры сборки. Используя высоту и дроссельных особенности кривой в передатчике при запуске через вертолетном режиме, вы можете разблокировать экстремальный потенциал вашего следующего 3D самолета. Добавление переменной высоты позволяет замедлить вашу модель в вертикальных линиях, или идти полным отрицательным шагом и летать назад!

Инструкции по установке, расположенные на вкладке файлов.

• Двигатель и с переменным шагом опоры в сборе
• Включает в себя "и 10" лезвий диаметром 9
• Простая настройка, идеально подходит для 3D foamies

Технические характеристики:
KV: 920
Вес: 58g
Размер: 27.5 * 29мм
Длина вала: 9 мм
Диаметр вала: 3.0mm
Опора Диаметр: 9in, 10in

9in. подпирать
10V 9A 530g
11.1V 9.8A 595G
12.6V 11.9A 728G

10in. PROP
10V 13.4A 608G
11.1V 15.1a 640G
12.6V 17.2A 745G


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I ordered two of these. Both failed before the first flight. The push rod jammed inside the motor shaft and twisted off at the rear of the shaft. It is now welded in there and I can't get it out. The push rod is very soft metal and a close tolerance fit inside the motor shaft. I was careful to make sure there were no side loads on the shaft, and on the 2nd motor I lubricated the pushrod with a light machine oil. It made no difference. It worked fine for almost one battery while testing and attempting to balance the prop (both times) but now the pushrod is jammed/welded into the motor shaft so tight I can't get it out. I would not buy this product until they work out the fatal flaw with the pushrod.
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verified_user Quality
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Of the two I ordered the thread was missing off the first few mm of the hole in the blade holder that the swash connector is connected to - the bolt fell out as I unpacked it and I couldn't attach it so I don't know how it made it through quality check. This makes the engine unusable without a longer bolt. I would happily pay more for a higher quality unit (i.e. more like the tail rotor on my T-REX) but at the moment there aren't any other alternatives so I'll just use the motor for spares, order more and hope that I get enough working ones to fly.
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Received 6 units as part of a larger shipment. Units come with blades installed in holders and the mechanism is folded as flat as possible into a plastic bag with no other support. Poor packaging and material selection of the control rod resulted in all 6 control rods (1.5mm diameter, soft steel) being significantly bent and all installed blades being damaged.

I was able to correct deficiencies, but only with the assistance of a lathe, precision surface, and many hours of time. Please amend packaging process so that blades are not installed and pitch control assembly is adequately supported.
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