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ADS400XLWater Охлаждаемый Мотор (моторная лодка)

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ADS400XLWater Охлаждаемый Мотор (моторная лодка)

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RPM / v: 3300kv
Watts: 567w
Max Amps: 45A
Напряжение: 11.1V
Вес: 76g
Диаметр: 28.1mm
Вал: 3.0mm
Длина двигателя: 37мм
Vength вала: 13мм
Нет загрузки данных: 10V 3.5A 33000rpm

  • Kv ( об / об) 3300.00
  • Max Токи (A) 45.00
  • Сопротивление ( тк ) 0.00
  • Максимальное напряжение (В ) 11.00
  • Мощность (Вт ) 567.00
  • Вал А ( мм) 3.00
  • Длина В ( мм ) 38.00
  • Диаметр С ( мм ) 28.00
  • Может Длина D (мм ) 23.00
  • Общая длина E (мм ) 52.00

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Blaz | Проверенный покупатель

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Customer Rated

Jul 20, 2012

A complete fail. The shaft is blocked, does not rotate. Plus the two pipes for water cooling that should be attached to the body of the motor do not fit (they should be screwed to the body, but arrived too small to fit). What a waste!

theZacharius | Проверенный покупатель

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Customer Rated

Dec 28, 2011

last time i bought this motor for my 720cm long boat. but unfortunately this was a mistake. may be i got bad piece but there are few things which are stopped my idea to use it in my boat.
1st test: motor plugged to Birdie 70A run on 3s Lipo, ESC default setting. 1/3 throttle motor had huge vibrations, rotating cup (this one with magnets) have to much free space and moving around 2mm along the axis. finally get sparks because the magnets touches stator. so i stopped it.
2nd test: ESC setup correct for high RPM outrunner. i repaired freeplay along axis. but unfortunately motor still falls into vibrations around 1/3 throttle, this time without sparks, but still unable to use it in boat because unbalanced rotating on high RPM thing is unpredictable.
ESC is setup is 100pcnt ok, i plugged another high RPM outrunner motor to it and works smoothly with no problem.

water cooling looks a bit weak but probably will do the work. power and rpm declared seems to be close to true. unfortunately have no tools to measure. connection cables is a bit thin for 45Amps

because all of that giving only 2 crowns. 32$ thrown out :(

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