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Corona R14FA 2.4Ghz FASST Совместимость Reciver

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Corona R14FA 2.4Ghz FASST Совместимость Reciver


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Совместимость с Futuba FASST передатчики Корона R14FA предлагает доступную альтернативу для пользователей Futaba радио.

Технические характеристики:
Рабочий ток:
70mA @ режим FASST 7ch нормальный и 110 мА,
80mA @ многоканальный режим FASST нормальный и 110 мА
Рабочее напряжение: 4.0 ~ 10V
7MS для высокой скорости PPM (HS), 14mS для режима низкой скорости PPM (LS) @ FASST многоканальным,
8ms для высокой скорости PPM (HS), 16мс для низкой скорости PPM (LS) @ FASST 7ch режиме
Чувствительность: -96dBm ~
Fail Safe: Да
Размер: 53x37x16mm
Вес: 22g
Длина антенны: 136mm

передатчики 2,4 ГГц FUTABA FASST
TM7, ТМ8, TM10, TM14, 6EX-2.4G, 2.4G-7С, 8FG, 10CG, 12FG

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Baz | Проверенный покупатель

  • Quality
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  • Value


Jun 19, 2021

This after market Corona FASST copy receiver looks well build and when I tried it on the bench it work great. It has only 12 channels though it has a 14 not sure how to get 13 ,14 channels maybe there sbus. I will try this out in a foam jet but want to use it in a 50cc Warbird. That will be the real test. So much cheaper than the Futaba 14 channel (which is bullet proof! But big dollars) I would like to know where the trade off is. On the Orange FASST 8ch receivers they were good but would go bad after a crash - a new one I hade came dead. I don't know if these will be the same but look ruggedly built and better quality than the Orange.

récepteur futaba | Проверенный покупатель

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  • Value

très bon

Jun 16, 2021

très bon récepteurs quand il faut plus de 8 voies

Alexander | Проверенный покупатель

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  • Value

Top Receiver for Warbirds Flaps, retracts,

Jan 16, 2021


Probado en radio Futaba T10 CHG Y fUNCIONA EXCELENTEMENTE BIEN | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
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  • Quality

Recibido oportunamente

Jul 17, 2019

Calidad superior

Noname | Проверенный покупатель

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall

Works well.

Jul 03, 2019

I fly it in a Grand Tundra and every thing is working well.

Jan | Проверенный покупатель

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  • Overall
  • Value

Coro R14FA 2.4 Ghz fasst compatible

Feb 13, 2019

Took some time to get it delivered, but works perfect with my 14SG.
Will order morewhen in stock. Plese have available in the Euro Warehouse.

JamesV | Проверенный покупатель

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  • Quality
  • Overall

Corona R14FA 2.4Ghz Fasst Compatible Receiver

Feb 02, 2019

Have tested receiver with 14 SG radio and works as it should. Channel 13 and 14 do work.
Select model if required. Double click on "link". Select "Function". Select "S1" till page " 4/4" and select switch for DG1 and DG2. They operate as ON/OFF servos. That is they go full deflection each way. They can be reversed etc.
The 14 SG has only 12 proportional channels. 13 and 14 are as above.
When more stock arrives I will grab another one.

RickVB | Проверенный покупатель

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  • Quality

Real Value vs. Futaba 14ch

Mar 09, 2018

I have used at least of dozen of these over the last 4 years, in everything from large foamies to giant scale gas-powered aircraft, and have never had a range issue, nor any dropout issues at all. They have bound fine as FASST Multi with both my 14SG and 16SZ radios. The only things missing are the SBus and telemetry. The price vs. Futaba makes these a great alternative to the R7014SB.
HOWEVER, please be aware that in their present form THIS IS NOT A 14 channel receiver, it is a 12 channel receiver. Despite what Corona and HK may say, channels 13 and 14 DO NOT WORK, period. It has nothing to do with switches or programming, or anything else. There is a very clear Youtube video demonstrating this, just search for Corona R14FA. I have been in communications with Corona directly on this, and they have no answers. If they ever fix this, I would rate this product 5 stars across the board.
Bottom line is, it's not perfect, but what do you want for less than $30?

ADRIAN | Проверенный покупатель

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Overall

Customer Rated

Apr 29, 2016

I have 3 of these recievers and use them with a futaba 14sg on range test mode with antanae pointing away they do 50 meters easily which is further than some of my futaba recievers ,can somebody tell me how to get channels 13 and 14 to work with my radio and these recievers?Channels 13 and 14 work with my futaba 14 channel recievers but not these coronas so maybe I need to change something in settings?

Eric | Проверенный покупатель

  • Quality
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Customer Rated

Dec 10, 2015

Excellent in my four and five metre gliders at extreme range. My transmitter is a Robbe Futaba FC-18 with a Futaba TM-8 2.4 ghz module installed. An excellent receiver which I recommend to all FASST users.

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