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Durafly ™ Zephyr 1533mm - Замена Фюзеляж ж / серво

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Durafly ™ Zephyr 1533mm - Замена Фюзеляж ж / серво

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Durafly® ™ Zephyr 1533mm - Замена Фюзеляж ж / серво

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Jan 13, 2013

I have a Zephyr and it fly's very well,the only negative thing about it is ,you can not take more weight up in it ,if you do it's getting to fast on landing ,So I combined this fuselage with a modified

wing from a Bixler 2 ,and that's a smashing combination a complete different plane now it's a normal glider, it allover speed has drop't and the landing speed is from a Bixler 2 ,you only need to fly here with more power to get here at gliding altitude .Take a small camera up is no problem anymore,for FPV there is no space for extra gear.

The Bixler wing is only modified in the middle section to attach easier to the fuselage and the flaps had to be shortened a bit and go up instead of original down ,the aileron and flap servo arm are

now pointing to the upper side of the wing to avoid damage on landing ,so the underside of the wing is free of control horns and servo arms .

It is a very easy to fly set up now .

A successful experiment .

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