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Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Quanum Vandal 1/10 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)

SKU: 9382000221-0 | Weight: 1955.9000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

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  • 4 112,57 руб.
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Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (Mode 2) (AFHDS 2A system)

SKU: 9114000071-0 | Weight: 1248.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

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  • 2 933,61 руб.
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Quanum 2.4Ghz 3CH пистолетной рукояткой Система Tx & Rx

SKU: 9249000805-0 | Weight: 267.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

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  • 1 401,96 руб.
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Trackstar 13.5T "Outlaw" датчиками безщеточный V2

SKU: 9192000260-0 | Weight: 247.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

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  • 2 631,39 руб.
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Trackstar Sportsman 60A 1 / 10th Шкала Sensored Бесщеточный автомобиля ESC (ЕДОР ПРИНЯТО)

SKU: 9052000082-0 | Weight: 115.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

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  • 1 164,88 руб.
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5100mAh 7.4V 60C Lipo автомобиля пакет 2S3P

SKU: 9472000032-0 | Weight: 426.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

  • Individual price
  • 2 181,28 руб.
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Trackstar TS-D99X Цифровой Масштаб 1/10 Touring, Дрейф / Багги сервопривод рулевого управления 10кг / 0.08sec / 45г

SKU: 9468000012-0 | Weight: 104.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

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  • 927,79 руб.
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TURNIGY 12v 2-3S Основное зарядное устройство Balance

SKU: Turnigy-3S | Weight: 99.0000

Electronic Power Buggy Ready to Win Combo Set

Qty : 1

  • Individual price
  • 282,27 руб.
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The Combo Deal Set Contain:

Quanum Vandal 1/10 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)
Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (Mode 2) (AFHDS 2A system)
Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System
TrackStar 13.5T "Outlaw" Sensored Brushless Motor V2
TrackStar Sportsman 60A 1/10th Scale Sensored Brushless Car ESC
TrackStar TS-D99X Digital 1/10 Scale Touring, Drift/Buggy Steering Servo
Trackstar Hardcase (Low C Of G) 5100mAh 7.4V 70C Lipo Car Pack 2S2P
Turnigy 12v 2-3S Basic Balance Charger

Quanum Vandal 1/10 4WD Electric Racing Buggy (KIT)
The Vandal chassis is lightweight yet rigid offering a perfect combination of weight savings and strength. Additionally, it features a robust shaft driven 4WD system providing plenty of torque to both the front and rear wheels, an adjustable slipper clutch to protect the drivetrain and metal gear front/rear differentials. No messy belt drive system requiring routine maintenance with this setup!
This kit includes proper 1/10 buggy wheels, soft compound tires for increased traction and handling, as well as a wickedly styled, pre-painted and trimmed body shell. Also, with features such as fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks and adjustable camber/castor, it's easy to fine tune the ride to the conditions of your favorite track or bashing spot.
The Quanum Vandal may be labeled as a thief, but at this price it will be sure to leave some cash in your pocket!

• Adjustable camber, caster and shock mounting positions
• Low center of gravity chassis design
• Shaft driven 4WD system
• Adjustable slipper clutch
• Metal gear front/rear differential
• Oil filled shocks
• Soft compound tires for increased traction
• Pre-painted and trimmed body shell w/decal sheet included
Length: 415mm
Width: 255mm
Height: 142mm
Wheelbase: 275/280mm
Gear Ratio: 11.2:1
Hex Hub Size: 12mm
Tire: Front: F88x34mm Rear: F88x39mm
Battery Tray Dimensions: 142x46x24mm (MAX battery size)

Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (Mode 2) (AFHDS 2A system)
Turnigy engineers have given the Turnigy 9X an extreme makeover. It now comes with updated firmware, SBUS/IBUS and CPPM/PWM support and new protocol. The Turnigy 9X is now using the solid and reliable 9 channel 2.4GHz Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS 2A) spread spectrum technology, making it compatible with a huge range of receivers. This system is supplied with the Turnigy TGY-iA8 Receiver for PPM/PWM support.
The ergonomically designed case makes for easy use of all controls. The switches and pots are all positioned for comfort and the adjustable length sticks can be tailored to your own requirements. A monochrome LCD screen makes it easy to program and change settings.
The transmitter and receiver pair has its own unique ID to prevent other RC systems from accidentally connecting to or interfering with the Turnigy 9X. Each transmitter hops between 16 channels in order to reduce interference from other transmitters. The high-efficiency high gain antenna cuts down on interference, while using less power, but maintains a strong reliable connection.
The Turnigy 9X can be purchased as either Mode 1 or Mode 2. Without a doubt, this is the best value 9 CH system available!
• AFHDS 2A Protocol
• 8 Model Memory
• Multi-channel Frequency Hopping
• Omni-directional gain antenna
• Unique ID recognition system
• Low power consumption
• SBUS/IBUS and CPPM/PWM support

Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System
The Quanum pistol grip transmitter and receiver system is an entry level system offering the
reliability of 2.4Ghz signal technology for your RC car or boat. The transmitter is powered
by 4 x AAA type batteries and is extremely compact and lightweight. The transmitter has some
unique features, such as the magazine style battery tray, which pops out at the push of a
button allowing you to change your batteries in seconds. The throttle and steering trim
controls are easily accessible and adjustable whilst driving your car or boat, so there will
be no need to quit the action in order to adjust your settings.
The Quanum Tx & Rx package is very easy to use and is suitable for all car and boat setups.

Key Features:
• 3 channel 2.4GHz transmitter with servo reversing.
• Compact and lightweight design
• Quick change battery magazine
• Easy to use control for basic models.
• Includes 3 channel receiver
• Suitable for cars and boats

TX Specs:
Channels: 3ch
Frequency Band: 2.4Ghz
Power: 6V DC (1.5V AAA x 4)
Weight: 150g (without batteries)
Antenna length: 50mm
Dimensions: 225 x 120 x 60mm

TrackStar TS-D99X Digital 1/10 Scale Touring, Drift/Buggy Steering Servo
The TrackStar TS-D99X is a standard size low profile digital servo featuring a titianium geartrain, coreless motor and a fast 0.08sec transit time. Add to that it's excellent performance and tricked out looks, and you have one outstanding steering servo for the price!

Weight: 45g
Size: 40mmx20mmx25.5mm
Torque: 8kg.cm (4.8V)~10kg.cm (6.0V)
Speed: 0.09 sec/60deg (4.8V)~0.08 sec/60deg (6.0V)
Voltage: 4.8V~6.0V
Type: Digital Standard
Gear Train: Titanium
Ball Bearing: Dual BB
Servo teeth: 25T
Lead Length: 285mm
Plug: JR/Futaba

TrackStar 13.5T "Outlaw" Sensored Brushless Motor V2
Turnigy TrackStar Sensored Brushless Motors offer race winning performance at an incredible price!

Featuring an all new CNC alloy motor can with dynamic cooling technology, hand-wound high purity copper windings and powerful sintered neodymium magnets, you won’t find a better priced motor of this calibre anywhere else! the new high RPM motors also feature adjustable timing which allows for fine tuning the performance of your ride while the sensor ensures smooth start-ups and acceleration. If you thought the original TrackStar Brushless Motors were good, the Outlaw series will blow you and your competitors away.

The TrackStar brushless motors make a great upgrade or competition motor for 1/10th short course trucks, buggies, touring cars or anything else that uses 540 size motors.

• Super light weight body (14g)
• Maximize cooling effect
• 2 sensor port position
• Adjustable timing angle
• Balanced Sintered Neodymium magnet rotor
• Magnetic force of this motor is much bigger than "Stock Spec" to create even more torque
• Rotor diameter change from 12.5 to 12.3mm which ensure the max rpm

KV: 2886KV
Max current: 40A
Max power: 290W
Idie current: 2.8A
Shaft: 3.17mm
Weight: 170g
Cell count: 1~2S Lipoly

TrackStar Sportsman 60A 1/10th Scale Sensored Brushless Car ESC (ROAR APPROVED)
The Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th scale 60amp Sportsman Car ESC is the latest addition to Car ESC range. Using a Fast Silicon Labs MCU and high quality On-Semiconductor MOSFETs the TrackStar 60A Sportsman ESC sets a new standard in high quality yet affordable car ESCs. With Intelligent MCU logic the TrackStar series ESCs allow extremely precise start up control and positioning feed back from the motor. This translates into a very smooth start up and acceleration.
The Turnigy TrackStar 60A Sportsman ESC also boasts a host of programing options not usually found in a 1/10th scale ESC at this price and can be programmed with ease via the Turnigy TrackStar programming card (sold separately) or on your PC via "Skylink".
• Easy to programme using either programme card or via PC
• Loads of programming options
• Optional fan connection
• Press button power switch
• LED status indicator

Programming Options:
• Running Mode: Forward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse, Forward/Reverse
• Motor Direction: Normal, Reverse
• Reverse Speed: 25~100% (in 1% increments)
• Voltage Cut-off: 3~11V (in 0.1V increments)
• ESC Overheat Protection: 85°C, 105°C, 125°C
• Motor Overheat Protection: 85°C, 105°C, 125°C
• Punch Rate Switch Point: 1~99% (in 1% increments)
• 1st Stage Punch: 1~30 (in increments of 1)
• 2nd Stage Punch Rate: 1~30 (in increments of 1)
• Throttle Input Curve: Linear, Custom
• Throttle Deadband: 0.002~0. 150mS
• Drag Brake: 0~100% (in 1% increments)
• Brake Strength: 0~100% (in 1% increments)
• Intial Brake: = Drag brake
• Brake Rate Switch Point: 1~99% (in 1% increments)
• 1st Stage Brake Rate: 1~20 (in increments of 1)
• 2nd Stage Brake Rate: 1~20 (in increments of 1)
• Brake Input Curve: Linear, Custom

Trackstar Hardcase (Low C of G) 5100mAh 7.4V 70C Lipo Car Pack 2S2P
TrackStar Hardcase battery packs are the new performance packs for cars, buggies and truggies. These Hardcase are designed to take all the stress and shock you associate with on-road and off-road racing making it the ideal battery for your vehicle. With a low center of gravity, short and compact and specially designed and extensively tested by competition RC racers to make sure you get everything you need from the demands of hardcore racing.

These TrackStar packs are designed with large C ratings and combined with the large, heavy-duty 12AWG cabling, which minimizes resistance, delivers the right amount of current when you punch the throttle.

Each pack comes equipped with removable leads that you can add your connector of choice. These leads have a 5mm bullet connector (to plug into battery) and a JST-XH style balance connector. All TrackStar packs are built using IR matched cells.

• Quality high "C" rated Lipo batteries
• Super shorty Lipo Hardcase pack
• Low center of gravity
• Designed by RC racers for RC racers
• Competition batteries
• 12AWG wires for less resistance

Minimum Capacity: 5100mAh
Configuration: 2S2P / 7.4V / 2Cell
Constant Discharge: 70C
Max Charge Rate: 5C
Pack Weight: 292g
Pack Size: 139 x 47 x 23mm
Discharge plug: 5mm Bullet-connector

Turnigy 12v 2-3S Basic Balance Charger
This Turnigy balance charger is simple to use, reliable and safe for any modeler. It features a smart charge protection to ensure the batteries are not overcharged and has real time monitoring increasing the cycle life of your battery packs. It can be powered from any 12V output and charges at 800mA. Charging is through the JST-XH balance lead on your compatible battery. Suits all Turnigy, Zippy and most other battery types. You can easily connect several of these chargers to the same power source to charge multiple packs at once.

• Smart charging protection
• 2~3S Compatible
• Charges through the balance lead
• Easy to use, safe and reliable
• Includes power lead with Croc Clips

Input Voltage: 11~14V
Output Voltage: 8.4~12.6V DC
Output Current: 800mA (Max)
Dimensions: 74x50x25mm
Weight: 46g


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