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Двигатель Собрать пакет - Trooper Nitro

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Двигатель Собрать пакет - Trooper Nitro

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Двигатель Собрать пакет - Trooper Nitro

Комплект поставляется с креплением двигателя, выхлопной трубы силиконовой трубки, маховик, сцепление аксессуаров gearand.

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DaVilla | Проверенный покупатель

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Jul 29, 2015

First thing first. If you are planning to buy this for your Trooper Nitro SCT and you have not upgraded to a 0.21 size engine then dont buy this as this is not intended for the stock motor.

Everything about this is for the 0.21 size motor. If you have a look at your manual, you will find that you have everything you need to install this after you upgrade your engine. You will find that the flywheel locking nut will not screw in if your crankshaft is long. I fixed this problem by cutting the crankshaft shorter all the way down to where the thread starts using a Dremel.

The clutch shoes (3 of them) are a major headache in installing but fits like a glove once you have it on so just be patient.

The air filter is not pre-oiled so you will have to do this yourself but not that this would only fit a size 0.21 engine so don't think about using this in your stock engine. According to the manual this package is listed as 33069, but this only have the bell shaft set, motor mount and exhaust spring so you get more if you get this than what is indicated on the user manual for upgrade. Highly recommended

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