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Foxeer Razer Pico 1200TVL 12x12mm FPV Camera (PAL)

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Foxeer Razer Pico 1200TVL 12x12mm FPV Camera (PAL)

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The Foxeer Razer series of FPV cameras are the perfect companion to the Foxeer F722 V2 standard and mini flight controllers. The Razer Pico is one of the smallest cameras on the market, it is just 12x12mm and weighs a meager 1.65g. It has an incredible 160° field of view, has 1200TVL definition which gives a crisp natural image, and low latency for less delay in receiving the image. It's size, weight and high specifications make it perfect for flying small models using FPV.

Other key features of the Razer Pico are it's 1.6mm M7 lens, switchable formats 4:3~16:9, and the ability to operate on a wide input voltage of 3.8~16V. It also uses the latest DNR technology (Digital Noise Reduction) to filter out noise and interference and also a wide dynamic range (WDR) of 90dB for improved picture contrast.

• The perfect companion to the F722 series of flight controllers
• 160° field of view
• Small and lightweight, 12x12mm/1.65g
• Works well in day or night light conditions
• Ultra-low latency for almost instant feedback
• Includes DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
• Switchable formats 4:3 or 16:9

Model: Foxeer Razer Pico 1200TVL 12x12mm FPV Camera
Input Voltage: 3.8~16V
Sensor Type: Sony 1/3" CMOS
Lens: 1.8mm M7
TV System: PAL 
Format: 4:3~16:9 switchable
Resolution: 1200TVL
Shutter Speed: 1/25~1/10000sec auto
Video Output: CVBS analog signal
Field of View (4:3): 125° H/160° D
Field of View (16:9): 125° H/145° D
WDR: 90dB
Min Illumination: 0.01Lux
Latency: Less than 10 milliseconds
Color: Black
Dimensions: 12x12mm
Weight: 1.65g (excl cable)

Note: A copy of the instruction manual is available under the "Files" tab.

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RC hobbyist | Проверенный покупатель

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I expected less because of the price!

Jun 06, 2021

For the price I expected a mediocre product. I am pleased with its quality.

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