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С высоким крутящим моментом EDF Канальный вентилятор Блок 5Blade 90мм ж / 1600W Outrunner Motor

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С высоким крутящим моментом EDF Канальный вентилятор Блок 5Blade 90мм ж / 1600W Outrunner Motor

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Просто взгляните на этих поклонников лезвие настройке, какой крутящий момент монстр!
Это мощный вентилятор / двигатель комбо, который был завод динамически сбалансированы оставляя вам просто припаять ваши разъемы ESC / двигателя, подходят и летать. Предварительно установленные 1900kv Походный Мотор рассчитан на 6 секунд, означающих впечатляющий 2600g тяги, идеальное обновление для 90мм моделей PNF!

Вентилятор Spec:
Внешний диаметр: 92.5mm
Диаметр ротора: 90мм лезвие
Материал: Стекловолокно усиленный нейлоновый ротор
Максимальные обороты: 45000 оборотов в минуту
Упорный (6с): 2600g
Вес (полный блок): 311G
Поставляется с дополнительным впускным кольцом

Мотор Spec:
Двигатель: 35/48 1900KV бесщеточный Походные
KV: 1900 об / v
Вал: 5мм
Холостой ток: 3.5A / 11А
Сопротивление: 0.012ohms
Максимальное напряжение: 22.2V (6с)
Max Amps: 70A


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Sven Lundgren | Проверенный покупатель

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Customer Rated

Jul 07, 2012

I bought this fan as a replacement for the stock one in a 90mm L-39 Albatros, also available from this site. And it fit with very few modifications.

Overall I'm very happy with the fan, though I did take it apart and rebalanced it, just to make sure all screws were loctited, which they were not.

Performance wise it is a good fit for the L-39, and I guess for the other 90mm FlyFly/Hobby topgun models of the same class (scale jet trainers).

Using a Turnigy 100A SuperBrain ESC and a Kypom 6S 5100 mAh 35C, I get around 65A, 1400W at full throttle.

Sorry, I got no thrust numbers, but I have this video to give an idea of the performance: youtu.be/UtjoXp4mGgU

Warning: Turnigy K-Force ESCs will not work with this motor. They can not cope with the rpm of this setup, as the max rpm for K-Force ESC is 35.000 with 12-pole outrunner.

Bob | Проверенный покупатель

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Customer Rated

Apr 04, 2012

I actually got this from a different distributor I've been aquanited with for a while but it's the exact same product So I guess it's up to you whether you wanna believe if the distributor makes a difference :S

So I used this in my 90mm l-39 on 6s turnigy 4500mah 30C packs. EXCELLENT amp draw (75 amps) for a lightweight combo unit w/great thrust. However on the 3rdish flight the thing started to smell funky. Thought the motor died when it was actually the rotor slipping on the adaptor and creating buttloads of friction and making the smell. So I simply epoxied it to the adaptor figuring that if another problem arose I wouldn't be using the unit again. Sure enough on the 25th flight the motor started to slow down big time and seem jammed. When I rotated the can by hand i could hear what sounded like a copper winding wire scratching against the magnets 0_0 I looked at the windings closely and noticed that they're not insulated unlike mega motors.

I do fly on a dusty dirt and tiny rock field so maybe that coulda been a part of it.

Thomas Nelson | Проверенный покупатель

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Customer Rated

Dec 15, 2011

Published specs seem accurate to me.


I'm using two year old $8.99 HobbyKing 3S 2100mah 20-30C cells (code Z22003S20C) that I should probably retire sometime soon. Still, when configured in 6S and then paralleled (4 cells total) I get 36000 rpm, 21v, 60 amps, 1260W. This is on a Superbrain 80A ESC, with the data pulled from the built-in logger. I can imagine that with better/newer cells I'd see 40k rpm, maybe even 46k like published, but that would be a pretty big stretch.


The motor has small holes drilled into the back of the end-bell, indicating that there was a genuine attempt to balance it. However, I found that mine needed further attention. Not much ... about 4 coats of flat black paint on the light blade - front and back side - and I had an acceptable unit with no vibes resonating through my foam F-18.


It is a fairly noisy combo though, with the motor I believe making a substantial high pitched, annoying whine at all rpms.


Also of interest, mine makes a faint whine even when completely at rest. Strange! Not enough current to register on a wattmeter, but something is happening nonetheless.


If it came better balanced I'd have given it 5 stars across the board.

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