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HobbyKing системы жидкостного охлаждения для RC автомобилей с Самости циркуляционный насос и радиатор

HobbyKing системы жидкостного охлаждения для RC автомобилей с Самости циркуля...


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Представляя самозапуска циркулирующей жидкости охлажденный термостат системы Hobbyking для 36мм двигателя питание радиоуправляемых автомобилей.

Система жидкого охлаждения состоит из радиатора со встроенным электрическим циркуляционным насосом, шлангами охлаждающей жидкости, и с жидкостным охлаждением двигателя крепление пластины. Просто замените двигатель крепление, установите радиатор и запустить 2 линии охлаждения. Насос поставляется с адаптером Y идти между вашим приемником и источником свинца БЭК, опираясь только 12mA власти циркулировать.

Это отлично подходит для Scale выглядит и где воздушный поток может быть проблемой, и идеально подходит для тех, которые просто хотят, чтобы добавить дополнительное страхование от своих инвестиций.

Технические характеристики:
Крепление размеры: 47x35x6mm Для 36мм в-бегуна двигатели (кроме кран - х)
Размеры радиатора / насоса: 45x60x15mm
Общий вес: <45g
Напряжение питания: 3.7 ~ 5V
Ток потребления: 12мА


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I've installed two of these pump and "coil" (not radiator) units in an LC system to cool the gear driven in-runner Neumotor in my Great Planes P6E Hawk.
Since the install is in a airplane that can be flow at negative Gs, I used two in tandem, so if one of the inertia pumps ingests an air bubble the other will push it through to the reservoir/ air trap I have installed.
The cooling performs with great alacrity. With the pumps on, maximum motor temperature is ambient 15F. With the pumps turned off, the motor temperature increases at a continuous rate about 30F/minute.
There are some concerns with reliability. The pump wires gauge is very conservative, so I soldered on regular servo extension wires and secured them to the motor bodies with HST. Also, since the pumps are driven by coreless motors, the MTBF is somewhat limited. Whilst these motors can be easily replaced with other off the shelf units, brushless motor powered pumps are far more desirable. After all, changing a motor pump involves draining and recharging the cooling system.

verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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This great little unit. It doesn't exactly what it says it does. I cannot believe the amount of water volume that this little tiny pump circulates. However, it is unrepairable if a lead should come off the motor. At $37 US you'd expect to be able to repair this pump. My unit was damaged right out of the box unfortunately, I didn't notice it until I had installed it in my boat. The leads that go to the motor are so tiny that any amount of movement or vibration will cause it to break. The motor has no soldering tabs on it so the leads go into the motor. Once they break the unit is useless. There is no way of repairing it. They need to redesign it with soldering tabs on the motor so different leads can be used. This is my only negative thing about this product.
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verified_user Quality
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Unfortunately, after a bit of time working enters the water into the engine causing property damage and no longer works, the fan and the motor should be magnetically coupled, the radiator should be fitted with holes to attach a fan, the object is not yet perfected look patiently for this to happen. Thank you
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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System arrived with one broken wire on the water pump motor (impossible to solder). To avoid sending back the system (if you ever tried this you know why I didn't do it ;=)) I bought a fitting replacement motor in my local hobby shop. After that issue was solved I tried to insert water in the system. Till today I was not able to remove all air blister in the system. I am very happy for every hint.

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