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TURNIGY MEGA 380W Литий-полимерный Зарядное устройство

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TURNIGY MEGA 380W Литий-полимерный Зарядное устройство


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Готовы ли вы к ставкам заряда 380W и 20А для вашей высокой скорости заряда C, способных TURNIGY / Zippy пакеты? Мы знаем ответ "ДА!", Поэтому мы предлагаем Вам Mega 380W высокой мощности баланс зарядное устройство Turnigy!

Mega 380W Turnigy является высокой мощности балансировки зарядное устройство / разрядник, который может обрабатывать до 6 ячеек LiPo / LiFe и NiMH / NiCd до 18S точно. В комплекте с Mega 380W Turnigy является массивом зарядных проводов и вилки, подходит для большинства применений.

микропроцессорное управление
Дельта-пик чувствительности (NiMH / NiCd)
Индивидуальный заряд и разряд ячейки балансировки
Литий-ионный, LiPo и LiFe способны
Ni-Cd и NiMH способны
Мощные и цепь высокоэффективная
Функция магазина, обеспечивает безопасное хранение тока
Хранение данных (хранить до 10 пачек в памяти)
Циклическая зарядка / разрядка

Примечание: Датчик температуры не входит.

Входное напряжение: 11,0 - 18.0Volt
Ток заряда: 0.1 - 20.0A
Ток разряда: 0.1 - 5.0A
Максимальная емкость заряда: 380W @ входного напряжения> 15V
Максимальная разрядная емкость: 25W
Ток потребления для балансировки Li-Po: 200mAh / клетка
Литий Количество (LiPo / LiIo / LiFe) Ячейка батареи: 1 - 6 серия
NiCd / NiMH Количество клеток батареи: 1 - 18 серия
Pb напряжение батареи: 2 -24
Батарея памяти настройки: 10
Интеллектуальный контроль температуры: Да
Вес: 762g
Размеры: 152X145X57mm

В том числе;
1 х Turnigy Mega 380W зарядное устройство
1 х Банановый штекер ж / XT60
1 х Банановый штекер ж / Aligator клипы
1 х XT60 Свинец ж / Женский Mini JST, Женский Futaba и Glow IGNITOR подключи
1 х клипы Пара Aligator
1 х XH адаптер JST

Это зарядное устройство имеет JST-XH балансировочный разъем, что делает его совместимым с Zippy, TURNIGY и любой пакет с JST-XH баланса свинца.

Примечание: источник питания и датчик температуры не входит.

  • Turnigy 380w Mega Charger
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dantheflyingman | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Jul 15, 2013

So ive had this charger for about a week now and ive decided to post this review, my conclution on this charger is

-The build quality is amazing, encased in a full metal shell this feels sturdy and solid

-No power leaks, dont get shocked ever time u tought the charger like accucel 6 and 7

-Lives up to the 380w output and can charge 4s for me at 20A

-Simple to use, the buttons feel good to the touch and the firmware is easy to use and navigate around

-Comes with ample amount of charging leads and accessories, including a cool balance board

So overall a great charger for an even greater price and i would have to rccomend this charger to anyone out there!!

Great stuff hobbyking

Imprez | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 08, 2013

How can I start... I receieved this charger last week. It uses same program than imax B6 and all of those small chinese chargers, it's very easy and intuitive to use.

The real power of this charger is 240Watt at 12v... to get its 380 watt you must use 18v input and i don not know much supplies with 18v outpout.

Balancer its not much accurate, in a storage charge of a zippy 5Ah 20c 2s it remains one cell at 3.8v and the other at 3.79v, so its integrated balancer seems not much accurate. You'd better use one external for expensive batteries.

I charged Lead acid batteries at 0'1c and 0'05C, dont forguet deactivate the timer limitator and capacity limitator for huge batteries, those are preconfigurated to 120min and 5000mAh. This charger works fine with Pb.

Am very sorry but I still didn't charged any nimh so i can not review that.

Charger comes with some connectors as shown in the image.

The biggest deffect I can find is that the fan is very noisy and if it starts, always work at full power, so you cant sleep while charging batteries at high power (actually is not recommended lol).

I can find that the piece to connect 2. 3. 4. 5 or 6s to balancer is completly useless: you can connect the battery balancer plug directly to the charger while the negative pin must be always first, check it with the tester before do this.

However i have any battery that can't be charged up t

Roger-DK | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Mar 01, 2013

Just says connection break. I tried three different cables and batteries without luck. It will cost me more to send this back than what I would get refunded! Waste of my hard earned money... :(

peter2482 | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Dec 16, 2012

Works as it should. Using a pc power supply. Only negative is, the fans are very noisy. Other than that it seems to be a great charger

Cheetor | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Dec 11, 2012

Been a very good charger for me. does a great job at charging my electric bike batteries. pumps out the power!. But boy is she loud, I guess those loud fans are needed with the kind of power it delivers, just make sure you get a nice big power supply for it. I'd definitly buy it again very good value for money.

Don | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Oct 12, 2012

The charger arrived today , 12 days to new zealand, great and well packed.
There have been two issues already the supply lead is way too short, I had to add a meter of (two core cable ) to make it usable.
The white balance plug, to multie balance adaptor wouldnt fit in the hole , I bent it trying to get it in,so pulled the unit apart to fix it. I ended up shaving some plastic off the plug, The heat sink inside has been cut with a massive band saw and never cleaned up, what a mess.
Apart from that the charger works well .I have a little 50 watt turnigy and it wasnt able to charge a 6s above 86pcnt with 2.5 amps, the 380 w takes it to 98pcnt with 20 watts easily.
All up its an ok unit and I would advise others to buy it.

Ooben | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

May 10, 2012

Got this charger because I have everything from ni-cads to LiIo computer pulls to charge. It seems to be a great charger...but it is kind of hard to tell without any instructions. I have used it with niXX batteries and it does a very good job at detecting delta-peaks, but until I can decipher the lithium settings I'm not going to be using it on my litho batteries. Does HobbyKing have any instructions for this charger?

jeff125 | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

May 08, 2012

Rock solid thus far.

Only reached 51C while charging a 6S pack at 12amps. Fans are loud but do a good job cooling the unit.

| Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Certified Buyer Rated

Apr 25, 2012

Great battery charger for the value. Cooling fans are a little noisy when loading batteries with high amperage. The display is bright and easy to read.

The buttons and procedures for the programming are the same of the other charger. Well made and sturdy housing.

Amply satisfied.

SCTarguard387 | Проверенный покупатель

  • Overall
  • Quality
  • Value

Customer Rated

Jul 01, 2011

Had mine for about 2 1/2 months working fine until today. Powered it up and would not go past the start up screen, nothing. None of the buttons worked. Powered off several times nope then I lightly tapped it on my work bench and bam there it goes working again.

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