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1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck w/ 18Amp System

1/18 Brushless 4WD Stadium Truck...

Equipped with an 18A brushless power system, this little 1/18 truck is very quick on carpet and roads.
It's small size means you can zip around your house on as little as a 2S LiPo pack.
The 1/18 truck has a brushless inrunner motor and ...

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essential items and

Equipped with an 18A brushless power system, this little 1/18 truck is very quick on carpet and roads.
It's small size means you can zip around your house on as little as a 2S LiPo pack.
The 1/18 truck has a brushless inrunner motor and esc pre-installed along with a high-torque steering servo. All you need to do is include your own Receiver and LiPo battery!
This is not a high-performance monster truck, but it is a huge amount of fun indoors and out!

Motor: Brushless Inrunner(2030)
ESC: 18A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (93x30x13mm MAX SIZE) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff
Length: 250mm
Width: 185mm
Height: 110mm
Groung Clearance: 20~26mm Adjustable
Top Speed: 32km/h on standard system

NEW! This truck now includes a full metal outdrive set.

2S 800mAh LiPo (or larger)
Radio System (Rx/Tx)


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Good value for the money, hard to expect more for $50. Truck is a lot of fun to drive, plenty quick.

Biggest complaints are:
(1) ESC isn't waterproof, had to replace (my own fault I suppose)
(2) motor size listed is wrong - mine has 2430. 2030 wont fit in motor mount. I've learned this the hardware after foolishly ordering replacement based on listed spec rather than measuring first as I should have. : ] Motor failed after a dozen batteries, most likely due to 8 year old with little to no throttle control.

Would buy again, keeping in mind it is a cheap part where it's almost better to simply purchase a second for parts rather than try to replace/replace when things fail.
After 3 rear diff is totally worn out, cant drive anymore. And of course this part is out of stock
Cant understand this, did not do something fancy, only driving around and having fun with this fantastic little car. But if gears wear out that fast, its really a big minus. .
I am disappointed with this car ; diff gear too fragile and no stock about 5 month !
It's not serious
Its a great car,its very funny and very fast,Ive received it today and I cant stop using it
Very fast 30min run on just 600mah of 1300mah 2s battery. Works fine out the box.Adjusted the sper gear alignment before using.
, .
- .
Too expensive for what it is. dog bone jump when turning. The engine is set to make a noise duck after a while. buyeur , go your way and choose a another.

Trop cher pour ce que c'est. Les cardans sautent lorsque l'on tourne.
Le moteur c'est mis a faire un bruit de canard aprs quelques instants.
Acheurs potentiels, passer votre chemin et choisissez un autre model.

Awesome little car but I have spend as much in repairs as the car now! Buy more spur gears(10plus) suspension arms, also the 1300mah nano tech barely fits so please dont listen to advice to get this!
Because of the price it's hard to complain about anything. What I will say though is that the power system is far greater than the chassis and suspension parts can handle. I have driven it a total of 5 minutes and broke a suspension arm bumping into carpeted stair at 1/4 throttle. The drive assembly is very loud and the wheels are quite wobbly thanks to bushing instead of bearings. Unlike other people I would say this is not a good entry level car. Too fast and too brittle. The positives: unbelievable price, lighting fast shipping, great power system, and a good starting platform for upgrades.
I had bought this car for my son. The car looks nice and the price is really good but the quality is not 100pcnt perfect. The rod between steering linkage and servo have not enouh free space. If you drive to the left, you get contact between rod and chassis. I have also contact between a front wheel and the steering knuckle, I hope I can fix it.
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