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1s/7A ESC for ultra-micro heli

1s/7A ESC for ultra-micro heli

 1s/7A ESC for ultra-micro heli 

Dimensions: 28mm x 16mm x 4mm
Weight: 5g inc leads


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 1s/7A ESC for ultra-micro heli 

Dimensions: 28mm x 16mm x 4mm
Weight: 5g inc leads


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For MCPX users: This ESC can be flashed with the BLHeli code (Atmel/HC5A1SA48V code). You have to disable the transmitter programming feature to fit inside the 4k flash. Also I found the battery voltage sample to be noisy and added a cap on the voltage divider network (could have been fixed in software too). With this code you can connect directly to the main 3-in-1 board without the brushless converter. It also has a governor mode which is a huge improvement. I'm running a HP05S and it works pretty good. I also increased the P gain to 3.0 on the governor PID controller. Attaching a connector for programming does require some soldering skills, and you do need a AVR programmer.
Got this into my mcpx just fine with the converter.

Motor stuggles to start even without the rotors connected.

Looks like a timing issue, above 1/4 throttle seems fine.

Would give 5 stars if I could program it.

Yet to fly...
Speedo works but I have to hand start it. Its paired with the co5xl and the double-channel converter. Once spinning is does great. The single lead with a plug is your signal, the convertor goes there.
Received the item yesterday it is not a plug and play option for the mcpx it still requires a brushed to brushless signal converter. I had a spare 'the Steve' so I wired it up and it works perfectly. Here is how to wire the Steve to the esc.
The Steve has four wires red blue yellow white.
The white wire is soldered onto the board in place of the red wire with the motor connector on it.
The red wire is soldered onto the board in place of the smaller guage red wire.
The blue wire is soldered in place of the smaller guage black wire.
The yellow wire is then soldered to the resistor point on the back of the board or the positive side of the main motor plug

Hope this helps
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