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Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad (RTF) (Mode 2)

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Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad (RTF) (Mode 2)

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Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad (RTF) (Mode 2)

This is Chaotic. What a way to go with this extreme 3D flying quad. There is no telling what you can do with this quad from slow stable (well semi stable) flight to buzzing around upside down for 3D flying with flips and rolls thrown in just for fun of it.

It comes with all the great gear for flying out of the box. The Chaotic is completely fitted out with the Quanum Madcow flight controller driving 2212-1300kv motors, Afro 30A ESC’s and big Gemfan 3D 8” propellers. Orange T-Six 2.4GHz Transmitter with ORX R415X Receiver. Electronics are covered in a vibrant polycarbonate shell for extra protection and easy orientation.

The Madcow flight controller comes preset with three flight modes.
Veal mode: (Stabilized mode) 0 – 100% of the throttle range corresponds to normal motor rotation only. In this mode the multi-rotor will maintain level balance automatically while roll and pitch are centered. The multi-rotor will not flip and roll and the angel of tilt is limited.
Grilling mode: (Acro Stabilized mode) 0% - 100% of the throttle range corresponds to normal motor rotation only. In this mode the multi-rotor will maintain level balance automatically while roll and pitch are centered. The multi-rotor will still flip and roll and the angle of tilt is not limited. This is often called “horizon” or “ratititude” mode but is not capable of inverted flight.
Madcow mode: (3D stabilized mode) 0% - 50% of the throttle range corresponds to reversed motor rotation, 50% - 100% range of the throttle corresponds to normal rotation. In this mode the multi-rotor will maintain level balance automatically while roll and pitch are centered. This is often called “horizon” or “ratittude” mode but with added reversing of motors for inverted flight.

3D flying - the Chaotic way to fly.

• Tough and light weight carbon fiber frame
• Large 400mm wheelbase
• Quanum Madcow flight controller for 3D flying
• Bi-directional 8” 3D carbon reinforced propellers
• Three stabilization modes – Veal (Stabilized), Grilling (Acro), Madcow (3D)
• OrangeRx T-Six 2.4GHz Transmitter with OrangeRX R415X Receiver

Wheelbase: 400mm
Weight: 627g (without battery)
Motor: 2212 1300KV (DJI slot style shaft)
ESC: Afro ESC 30 Amp (SimonK firmware)
Flight Controller: Quanum Madcow 3D
Propellers: Gemfan Bi-directional 8in 3D Carbon Reinforced Propeller set CW/CCW Multirotor (DJI slot style)
Power distribution board: HobbyKing mini PDB with XT60 Connector
Transmitter: OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4GHz DSM 2 compatible 6CH Transmitter – Mode 2
Receiver: OrangeRx 415X

1 x Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad RTF
1 x Orange 2.4GHz Transmitter 6CH – Mode 2
1 x Manual
1 x Sticker set
1 x Velcro Tape
2 x Gemfan Bidirectional 8” Propellers (CW)
2 x Gemfan Bidirectional 8” Propellers (CCW)

4 x “AA” Batteries (for transmitter)
1 x Battery 4S 1800~2200mAh LiPoly pack

  • Quanum Chaotic 3D Quad
  • My show & tell + flight demo of the Chaotic :)
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Alan | Verified Buyer

  • Overall
  • Value
  • Quality

Quanum Chaotic Quad & Tx.

Aug 15, 2018

I bought two more of these as backup for the three I have left after one flew away due to operator error while doing long distance LOS flights. It seems that I have purchased the last two in inventory as they are now out of stock finally. They are tough quads that take a beating as long as you don't use the original props.

FloridaAKM | Verified Buyer

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  • Value
  • Quality

Great cruising quad with fragile props!

Jun 30, 2018

I have bought 6 of these over the last few months, RTF / Mode II. Gave one to my co worker who loves it & has learned to fly really well with it & the Tx that came with it. The rest I fly & make different versions by changing batteries/props & lighting combinations.
Cruising variation uses a 3s 45c 3000 mAh battery with 9 x 4.5 APC props for a 12 minute high powered cruise around the area skys. No 3D, but punch outs will make it get lost in the sky quickly. Flying several hundred meters out is possible, but you have to be careful not to lose orientation or it is a gonner.

Michel | Verified Buyer

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  • Quality

Great Quad for the price

Nov 21, 2017

Ok, first things first...ditch the props that come with this quad. The first one I tried to put on broke off in my fingers as I was holding it during prop nut tightening. Replaced them with some 8 x 4.5 props from the local hobby shop and after drilling out the hubs (used step drills from HF, hand held).
Now onto the good news, This is my first quad and as a PNF I am very happy. I am a longtime airplane pilot and was able to transition to flying the Chaotic in 'Veal' mode quite easily. To be honest, it has been so much fun I haven't even tried the other modes. I did need to rebind the Rx and reprogrammed the Tx so that all the modes on the three-way switch were 'Veal'. The first time I tried to hover in 'Grilling' mode I promptly flipped in the grass...
This quad doesn't have position hold or altitude hold but the gyro does keep it relatively stable and I am learning to hover and fly precise patters quite nicely. Performance is remarkable for something this large and stable. It is great outdoors even in a decent breeze. I get 10 minute flights and haven't pushed the limits of my batteries or even heated them up beyond 'warm' (I've tried both 4s and 3s). The Chaotic is well sized power/weight and I'm sure it will have no problem carrying a small FPV camera when the time comes. On 4s the ship climbs amazingly well and moves quickly around the field. Other more experienced pilots have commented that they now want one!
If you are looking for a super stable FPV platform this is probably not it but if you actually want to have fun 'flying' a quad, this is a great choice, especially for sub $100 purchase, radio included.
Speaking of radios, the Orange TX is a pretty nice value. This is my second Orange Tx and I have several of the Orange Rx's in various small planes. Nice products. The only downside is that this newer version of the Orange Tx has no strain relief on the gimbal pot wires (I needed to open up my Tx to fix the throttle detent). :-( So hopefully future versions of the Orange Tx will go back to the earlier model of gimbals which had wire management. that being said, this Quad would be worth the price without the transmitter, so a bit of tinkering to fix the Tx is well worth it, especially if you are a tinkerer. :-)

Kim Kim | Verified Buyer

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  • Value
  • Quality

Wow! Lots of power!

Jul 22, 2017

This was a suprise.. I actually purchased this as my first major model purchase from HK. I was pleasantly suprised when I opened the box.. It was packaged so well, that I was afraid of breaking something.. I will say that I am a Hello person and I didn't plan on looking drones.. But, when we looked at it, it looked much better than in the pictures (especially the canopy). The carbon was good, and all electronics looked sound. Great manuals, and the radio, while nice and light for her, felt solid in my grip also..

Now, the main thing that shocked both of us, was the power! It is a very powerful drone/quad! And not to be underestimated.. And I really am serious.. On 4S, it's just too much for her, and the actual wind scared her off.. The nice thing is that it dies work on 3S to tame it down tremendously.. I should also say that we are just using this as a practice machine.. But even at that, 3S is the way to go for me also.. The model is also durable.. She ran it into our dehumidifier, and I accidentally popped it on the ceiling.. Nothing broke except a prop each time.. The quad is extremely solid! And I discovered, am easy source for props.. Just look up the company, and you can find them.. You also can use the slow flyer props the company makes.. But the same size in those are very pitchy.. Add to that, the excessive power, and well, that's how it ended jumping 4 feet on me ..

I have nothing at all negative to say about the machine or the radio.. Which the radio is so easy to navigate that I have yet to read it's manual.. The machine is very solid ,and making me actually want to order more from HK.. I was and am, overall impressed.. Just note, that the quad is big, very solid, flies well, and is extremely powerful..

Tony | Verified Buyer

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  • Value

Great deal with great service.

Dec 25, 2016

I ordered the Chaotic during the 12 days of Christmas. 9th day was Dec 20, and the deal was really cheap and I wanted it. Shipped out Dec 21 from Hong Kong and arrived in Oklahoma, USA on Dec 23. Santa can't deliver that quickly. I took it out to check some of the things others have described, but found no issues on first inspection. Way to go Hobby King, made a very happy customer.

Taylor | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 05, 2016

Just got mine today. Was shipped well and protected. Looked over all the carbon fiber and plastics, wonderful job great look. Took the canopy off to double check connections. Watch the mad cow controller connectors one of mine was half way out. I went with the rtf version so take the reciever antenna out of the zip tie on the frame and let it point back. Everything looked to be already set up on the transmitter. Bound to the quad no problem. Haven't flown it let but have only armed it on the living room floor with a 4s 2200. I do like how after you arm it just a touch of the throttle spools the motors to an idle until you disarm, how a quad should be. Will update after the first flight. And yes the props are hardened they are breakable if mishandled wrong or bent.

kydawg1 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 02, 2016

Well after reporting this, I was told no spares available... so I will just deal with it. Another find was the garbage fragile props....BEWARE!!! I snapped 2 blades just removing them from the motors. They are serious rubbish. Now I need to find a replacement. Tried Neo V2s .... could bore correct hole... but hub is too thick. I may need to grind down so prop nut will have some threads exposed to tighten on to. The saga continues.... still no flight.

kydawg1 | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 13, 2016

Received mine today, overall looks decent, but found one boom to be factory reject for quality with a poor rework. Surface pits and delamination of the carbon boom, then surface grinding. Unacceptable garbage. I have opened a request with HK for a new boom. We will see what happens.

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