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HobbyKing Aether 3700mm Electric ALES Glider V2 (ARF)

HobbyKing Aether 3700mm Electric ALES Glider V2 (ARF)

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4295 g

The HobbyKing Aether is back and better than ever!

The fuselage is now fully fabricated from epoxy and where possible carbon fiber has been used for some parts providing exceptional strength without a weight penalty. The fiberglass firewall now comes pre-drilled ready to accept a motor of your choosing.

The large size and low cost make this a perfect entry level ALES model.

The Aether arrives as an almost ready to fly model, allowing you to customize it how you choose. Though it is a large model it disassembles easily. The wing breaks down into 4 pieces with a rugged carbon tube joiner for the center two wing panels and the tail assembly bolts to the fuselage and that means it will fit it all but the smallest of vehicles.

The large volume pod gives plenty of space for your battery and other equipment with access through the large carbon fiber canopy hatch being a breeze. The large wing, along with a generous amount of wing dihedral makes the Aether 3700 ultra stable. so its relaxing to fly and with large flaps to slow the model down, landings are feather light.

If you have never flown a large model, the Ather is confidence inspiring, a great way to enter large model flying. All up the Aether is a stunning piece of kit and we're sure you'll love flying it.  

• Almost Ready to Fly - Complete final assembly, install electronics, and fly!
• Built up balsa wing and tail surfaces covered light weight iron on film
• Sheeted D-tube leading edge
• Fiberglass fuselage pod, with woven carbon fiber boom.
• 4 piece wing for easy transport
• Affordable entry level ALES model
• Bolt on tail surfaces
• Complete hardware pack
• Airfoil AG24

Wingspan: 3700mm
Length: 1861mm
Flying Weight: 2300g w/o battery

5 Channel Transmitter and Receiver 
4~5S 14.8~18.5V 3300~5000mAh Lipoly Battery
60~80A Brushless ESC
6 x 22g Servos
35 size Brushless motor
50mm Spinner and Folding Prop

You can download a manual here


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I have purchased one of these gliders and was very impressed with the packaging from Hobby King there is not wrinkles on the wings and it went together very easily with no adjustments I didn't install the motor that was recommended after reading the reviews I went for an E flight 25 which I run and a three meter and had no issues with overheating
After having four flights today I am very impressed the white handles and has a very good presents in the sky it just floats just like I expected it would
Well done Hobby King
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verified_user Quality
verified_user Quality
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I have purchased this plane and all i can say is you will not be disappointed. Everything came packaged nicely and the there were hardly any wrinkles on the covering it self. Putting the plane together was pretty simple. you only need 30 minute epoxy for the fuselage pod and tail boom. Installing the servos are a peace of cake as to you only need a 6 long servo extension cords to meet the receiver in the pod. When flying it she floats pretty well and will easily indicate left as you fly through a thermal. Landings are slow and gentle with flaps. Highly recommended.
verified_user Quality
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verified_user Quality
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Belle qualité de fabrication! Faible charge alaire mais gros problème avec les clé d'aile trop petite où les ailes bougent et le fuselage avant coupé trop court, il faut un cône de 48mm pour être bien accordé! Ensuite les 2 dièdres des ailes, ce n'est pas très joli, ca fait penser à un 2 axes! Idéal pour une personne ayant une bonne expérience dans la construction ou modifications.
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Aether Manual download now [4190kb]
Aether Flying download now [308kb]

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