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AfroFlight Naze32 Rev 5 Acro FunFly Controller - Soldered version (Vertical Pin)

AfroFlight Naze32 Rev 5 Acro Fun...

The popular Naze32 is here! Initially designed for use with small to mid-sized multirotor craft, it has become the go-to controller for a host of Multirotor projects and propheads.

The infamous Hamasaki AKA “timecop” was n...

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The popular Naze32 is here! Initially designed for use with small to mid-sized multirotor craft, it has become the go-to controller for a host of Multirotor projects and propheads.

The infamous Hamasaki AKA “timecop” was not happy with the limitations and performance an 8-bit MCU could deliver on current FC platforms, so he set out to make a flight controller that could take just about any demands a developer could throw at it, and thus was born the Naze32. At the heart of the Naze32 is a 32bit ST micro work horse of a processer, with untapped memory and cpu power and a host of equally impressive sensors. The Naze is also matched up with some of the nicest GUI programs and features to get the most out of your configuration.

The Naze32 comes as the most complete Acro Version yet, with pre-soldered strait pins for your preference and a matched break out harness.

The HobbyKing version is fully authorized and royalties are paid to the developer on each Naze32 sold.

• Flexible motor outputs, support various airframe types:
Quad/Hexa/Tri/Bi/Y4/Y6/Octo/Camera Gimbal. (Default is Quad-X)
• Up to 8 ch RC input - supports standard receivers (PWM), PPM Sum receiver (FrSky, etc), or Spektrum satellite receivers.
• Built in FrSky telemetry inverter (shared w/main port)
• Battery voltage monitoring
• Modern 32-bit processor running at 3.3V/72MHz (STM32F103CB).
• Onboard MicroUSB for setup and configuration
• LEDs so bright, they could blind you
• MultiWii-based configuration software for easy setup
• Pre-Soldered Pin for plug and play
rev5 hardware

36x36 mm (30.5mm Mounting)
5.3 grams (no headers, 7.3 grams with)
2000 degrees/second 3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050)
Input voltage: Max 16V on input rail and up to 35V 6s on the voltage sense line

Naze32 rev5
1x RC breakout cable

Download User's Manual for rev5

Configuration software - Chrome Baseflight Configurator (preferred)

Can also use 2.3 or newer version of MultiWiiConf (Java-based) from

Software is open-source! Code repository at


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The best FC i have, really good for acrobatic fly but i dont have so much practice in that kind of flying mode, for fpv and a more stabilize flying it is really really good, it is easy to connect and configure, also it works really good with cleanflight
This is the 6 dof version, without 3-axis magnetometer (HMC5883L)

Barometric Pressure sensor (MS5611). thiese chips is missing on the board, you dont get heading hold, altitude hold flight mode If you need that. I use it for a 250 quad for acrobatic, easy to install with Cleanflight
Nice n shiny finish, good covering. Fantastic item, I use it all the time in all places and electronics.
fantastica! con i pin gi saldati
Naze32 is the best that has ever happened to me, flight is impressive, no PID tunings required for me, I dumped my old kk2.1 and will never buy again, Naze32 is the best, some people say that it's for acro only, that is so wrong, acro and self level are both equally awesome, almost feels like a unit with GPS, almost...
Some of the BEST AUTOLEVEL I HAVE EVER SEEN! Autolevels just like my dji NAZA m lite
Perhaps the best FC available on Earth. I did make some PID changes. I use it on my 450 frame, works like charm. I have 12 of them. Each for different frame sizes.
This is the only flightcontroller that gives me convidence to flip and do rolls
One of the best boards for flight modes and responsiveness. Must buy because of the price.
Good quality, don't buy this expecting it to just be plug and play. it takes some work but worth it in the end I would by more of these in future
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