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Arrow Micro Servo 20T 0.8kg / 0.12sec / 4.3g

Arrow Micro Servo 20T 0.8kg / 0....

Supply voltage

0.12sec/60oNo load running

Torque (

Operating ang...

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essential items and
Supply voltage 4.8V 6.0V
Speed 0.12sec/60oNo load running
Torque (
Operating angle 40o/one side pulse traveling 400usec

 The net weight of this servo is 4.3g.
It can also be rebuilt into a lighter one.

The net weight of this servo is 4.3g. It can also be rebuilt into a lighter one. With the servo-case bottom removed or using the JST plug, the weight can be reduced to 4.0g. Use the enameled wire to connect, the weight can be reduced by 0.8g. Totally, the weight can be reduced by 1.1g, and finally, you get a servo only at 3.2g.

Spline Count: 20


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  • Blade Count:
  • Diameter X(Inch):
  • SKU
  • Brand
  • Weight(g):
  • Length:
  • Width
  • Height
  • Speed (Sec/60deg):
  • Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg):
  • Unit Weight (g)
  • A(mm)
  • B(mm):
  • C(mm):
  • D(mm)
  • E(mm)
  • F(mm):

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mad little survos do what you want nice and smoothe and quick
petit servos efficace en indoor.

subit du 3D extreme pendant une saison sans probleme plus cela devient difficile...

je le recommande
I bought 2 of these to try. Firstly they are fitted with a normal JR plug and wiring is normal.
I changed my plugs as I have a PA-09 Crimper and lots of patience. There are however adapters available if you use a FrSky VD5M Rx like I do.
Initially I put them on my servo cycler as I like to run them for 10 minutes or so before I install them. I a bit was worried as they were very jittery even on different ms settings. However when I plugged into my FrSky Rx they were very quiet and no problems at all.
They are also the first servos I have ever had that get quite hot and very quickly. I was running them at 4.8 volts. They seemed quite OK but I wouldn't fit them in anything that required some duration.
I would not buy any more of these as there are better ones available but they will suit my intended purpose at this time.
I put this little servo in an rc car that i converted from cheapie 35mhz controls to a proper rc drifter. This little servo has taken so many impacts with the wheel jamming hard over as a drive shaft popped out and yet it's still fine. Not one stripped tooth. Really an impressive servo to say the least and I would certainly buy it again for small foamies or whatever I can hack together next.
j'en ai pris 6

je les utilise dans des parflyer cap232 et sukhoi 26

super permomant

rapport qualit prix imbattable

vous hestitez encore ? pas la peine foncez
Small but tough servo.
Just received 3 of these servos and checked them via my servo checker. They run smoothly and quietly, however, the centering is erratic. Basically, when at full throw either side, and you go back to neutral on the servo tester, the servo rotates back toward center but stops past center clockwise. Then over the next 10-15 seconds the servo 'steps' back toward neutral in 4-5 separate steps finally stopping near neutral. So, from my viewpoint, not usable in any situation where you are expecting reasonable centering.

Good servo for shockflyers. Same power as hxt-500 but some lighter.I kove those transparent housings.
Great servos, or a few more than you wamt just in case, I had one burn. But still do the job. Thanks HK.
Nice Micro Servo's, fast enough for small gliders. I use them in the Versus DLG.
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essential items and

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