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AeroStar WiFi 40A Brushless ESC with 5A BEC (2~6S)

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AeroStar WiFi 40A Brushless ESC with 5A BEC (2~6S)


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The Aerostar WiFi range of brushless electronic speed controllers (ESC) is designed for RC fixed wing aircraft but can also be used in helicopters. They feature super smooth startup, linear throttle response, multiple protection features, all at a fantastic price.


These AeroStar WiFi ESCs can be easily set up using the AeroStar WiFi Connect device (see ACC tab below). This device uses a WiFi connection and an APP on your android phone to configure the ESC. Otherwise, you can still use your transmitter and listening to the tones to configure the ESC.


• Powerful microprocessor with strong anti-interference
• Adjustable startup mode for either planes or helicopters
• Safety features on power up will stop the motor if the throttle is set high
• Low voltage cut-off
• Propeller Brake
• Setup via WiFi device and Android mobile APP (separate device)
• BEC with multiple voltage settings, 8.4V/7.4V/6V/5V, 5A
• ASCF (Active Switch Continued Flow) technology, higher efficiency, to massively reduce heat generation


Default settings:
• Brake: Off
• Battery type: Lipo
• Cutoff Voltage: Medium
• Timing: 15deg
• Startup mode: Normal (fixed wing) 
• Governor mode: Off
• PWM Frequency: 16KHz
• BEC Voltage: 5V
• Voltage cut-off option: Reduce cutoff
• Battery Cells: Auto
• Motor rotation: Normal
• ASCF: Off
• Reverse function: Off


Input Voltage: 2~6S lipo battery
Continuous Current: 40A
Burst Current: 55A
BEC Output: 8.4V/7.4V/6V/5V, 5A
Programmable: Yes
Dimensions: 65.5x34x21mm
Weight: 76g
Rx Connector: JR type (white, red, black)
WiFi Connect Wire: JR type (orange, red, brown)

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Peter | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Criminally mis-described

Feb 25, 2021

I wanted a reversing ESC for a seaplane. So I set the filter selecting to "reversing", "In-Stock" and "UK Warehouse" and it offered me this ESC. The description page talks about default settings including "Reversing - OFF" implying there's a reversing function, and the instructions under the FILES tab describe how to set up and operate it. But actually this ESC has NO REVERSING FUNCTION. Only the ones with "RVS" in the name have a reversing function. So once again Hobbyking mis-sells defective products, and leaves it for the poor customers to sort out the small grains of truth from the massive pile of steaming lies. If a hobbyking employee says it's a nice day then make sure you have your umbrella...

Dion | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

40 amp sec.

Feb 14, 2021

Very good sec.Great that wifi connect too.
But there is no led too let you know it's on?,which is weird, but still a great esc.max lipo is 6s.
But saying this.Im running it on 4s so it's cool as.

Dion | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Jan 06, 2021

Comes in nice box,looks good feels solid.havent used it yet.

Radio-Flyer | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

These are great

Aug 06, 2020

These esc’s are excellent, I have many different sizes of them and they work great

ris4keen | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value


Jun 22, 2020


Armando | Verified Buyer

  • Value
  • Quality
  • Overall


Mar 02, 2020

nice ESC, well done

fastSwiss | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

nice Product

Oct 03, 2019

not used yet

Joe | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

Good ESC but to use WiFi needs extra device to use.

Sep 01, 2019

A good ESC works as well as all others. The WiFi feature can only be used by purchasing an additional dongle. So don't buy this one unless you need wifi options. Others will do exactly the Same. I bought 2 of these and found out after I need extra equipment to utilise all the features. But good value in any case and they do look good and so far reliable

pylon | Verified Buyer

  • Quality
  • Overall
  • Value

an good error

May 08, 2019

When I buy it, I don't realize that this esc may be programed throught my computer, but really is a good idea. You don't need have a lot of programation cards for all your esc.

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