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BLITZ 1/8 GT E/P Body Shell with Wing (1.2mm)

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BLITZ 1/8 GT E/P Body Shell with Wing (1.2mm)


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BLITZ 1/8 GT E/P Body Shell with Wing (1.2mm)

Blitz make bodies that give great performance and handling at a price that won’t blow your budget. Your needs are catered for by different bodies that excel under different racing surfaces such as asphalt (high traction), asphalt (dusty, low traction) or asphalt/carpet. The bodies are also designed for different track types depending if they are a tight plan, open plan or somewhere in-between.

These bodies come unpainted so you can finish them in your own master piece design …. or just plain white.

BLITZ GT Body, meeting the demands of 1/8th On-Road GT racers.

• Realistic looking two door sport GT body
• Very good performance characteristics
• Designed to fit all 1/8th GT cars with a wheelbase between 320 and 300mm
• The rear of the body features 3 wing support towers
• Large diameter plastic wing screws
• Lightweight yet durable wing mounting
• Rear wing include
• Highest quality material used to ensure even thickness and strength
• 1.2mm regular weight clear polycarbonate

Wheelbase: 320-330mm
Width: 315mm
Thickness: 1.2mm

Clear Body
Window masks
Rear Wing and Mounting hardware
Decal sheet

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Drago | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 20, 2016

Great 1:8 GT body. One of the best aero and 1,2mm version is very durable. If you want to race BSR 1:8 Rally (TeamC GR8E) as a GT car you will have to upgrade to this body because it immensely improves aero over stock body!

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