[IN STOCK]: Durafly EFX/EFXtra & more are back! Flies straight out of the box!

Honestly, what a plane! Speeeed! This is what it's built for, this is when it shines. Every time it whizzes by on 4s and full throttle, I just can't stop smiling.”

"I launched this underhanded and it launched like it was on rails. It was faster than I was expecting, and that was on a three-cell battery. Had to cut the flight short because I was adrenalized."

  • "I have quite a few RC planes and this Galloping Ghost is definitely one of the best. This aircraft flies effortlessly and does not require expo to on any control surface."

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  • "Not for a beginner. Full throttle at launch and make sure you're awake. Flies nice and fast. Gets small very quick. But so much fun."

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