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BMS-385DMAX Digital Servo (Metal Gear) 4.2kg / .15sec / 16.5g

BMS-385DMAX Digital Servo (Metal...

BMS-385DMAX Digital Servo (Metal Gear) 4.2kg / .15sec / 16.5g

This servo is designed to be used in R/C glider applications. By using carbon nylon gears and optimizing the curvature of the gears, the gears are able to withstand large...

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This servo is designed to be used in R/C glider applications. By using carbon nylon gears and optimizing the curvature of the gears, the gears are able to withstand large amounts of force. The servo will automatically learn the user's transmitter pulse timings and lock into the signal every time. The servo also includes a signal buffer in the CPU with fail-safe functionality.
The servo comes with an accessory package and the universal JR/Hitec "S" Connector which is physically and electrically compatible with all major receiver brands sold worldwide.
• M9.6 ball bearing (si-oil)
• Extra Strong torque with low signal affect and success get CE certification.
• Rubber seals for waterproof case
• Designed to be used in R/C glider applications.
• Futaba compatible 25-tooth aluminum 6061 output splines
• Digital motor drive with ultra-square PWM signal
• Automatic determination of servo center pulse width
• Metal gears of aluminum 6061 material combined with light and strong C95 material
• Fail-Safe function
• Digital control IC - SOP package with 12bit data transfer
• MOS-FET motor driver chips that can handle 7A peak loads
• Useable on 6.0V
Weight: 16.5grams / 0.59oz
Dimensions: 26 x 13 x 26 mm / 1.16 x 0.51 x 1.02 inch
Torque: 4.8V: 4.2kg/cm , 57 oz/in
Torque: 6.0V: 4.7kg/cm , 62 oz/in
Speed: 4.8V: 0.15sec / 60 deg at no load
Speed: 6.0V: 0.13sec / 60 deg at no load
Spline Count: 25

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Used this for my tricopter since its a fairly strong servo with replacement gears available. Its held up well in a few crashes, haven't needed to replace any gears yet.
My first negative review. Brought a while back for a tricopter. Had a few minor spill, nothing major. Went to fly it yesterday now that it is warm and the gears must be stripped. Not replacing it with one of these.
Came well packed and worked out of the box! Little noisy but pretty precise. Using it on a DIY RCExplorer TriCopter and works flawlessly. Doesn't heat up or lose it's sync! Feels very robust too. Recommended.
I just posted a review where I state that the top gear on this servo is silver-colored plastic. I was wrong, it is made of aluminum (which is pliable and therefore, when I tore it apart, initially looked like it was plastic). Mea culpa.
I am using this servo in my Talon Tricopter. It worked perfectly until I had a bad crash and stripped some gears. Not the servo's fault. However, when I bought the replacement gear set, I discovered that a replacement ball bearing set is not included in the bag. If you happen to damage the top gear, where the ball bearing set seats, you will find it is almost impossible to remove the ball bearing set without destroying it. Therefore, if you damage the top gear (which is silver and looks metal but is in reality silver-colored plastic), you cannot replace it because you can't remove the ball bearing set to install it on the replacement gear. The gears that get stressed lots are metal; two other gears are plastic (one black plastic and one silver-colored plastic). I liked this servo a lot, but would love it if HK would include a replacement ball bearing set with the replacement gear set. As I understand it, usually people only strip that one black plastic gear, which is very easy to replace. I ended up buying an identical servo to replace the old one, simply for the lack of a replacement ball bearing set.
Good servo, although thought it might be a bit slow.
Worked well with my 2nd tricopter build...had some problems with other servo before (from another online seller), but this one has been working well for a while now!!! bought some more for spares, and i think they will be in the shelve for a while until the next build...
I am really impressed with these BMS 385D-Max servos. They are my default option for flaps on my homebuilt "Scratcho" moulded 64" gliders used for slope soaring and dynamic soaring. I've used more than 14 of them and had great success. I don't think I've ever had one fail, except after a huge crash and many of them have survived enormous crashes and are still being re-used. I put a lot of hours into flying these planes and fly them hard so it's a pretty good test. I actually can't believe how solid and strong they are for the price. I've even fitted them into a 3.3m heavy slope glider with huge flaps, DSed it and they were perfect. I try to convince other guys to give them a try but I think they're a bit suspicious that they must be crap for such a good price, but they're not - they're tough, long lasting, reliable, perfect centring, fast enough and have plenty of grunt. Excellent. My standard setup for every Scratcho except the very lightest and the very heaviest ones is BMS385's on flaps and Bluebird 555's on ailerons. The 385's are good for rudder/ elevator on big mouldies too.
perfect servo. Used in on my tricopter!
I haven't got a good review for this cause I fry it with out even knowing don't know how it happen
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