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BMS-A56V High Voltage Slim Wing (Metal Gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g

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BMS-A56V High Voltage Slim Wing (Metal Gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g


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BMS-A56V High Voltage Slim Wing (Metal Gear) 8.6kg / .12sec / 28.4g

Great for your favorite 1.5+ meter sailplanes with their ultra thin wings.

• Double ball bearing (Si-oil)
• 3 pole bushed motor rated for high voltage up to 2S Lipoly
• Full alloy case for best heat dissapation
• Digital signal design with 100% fitting square PWS
• Automatic measures central ms
• Digital IC (SOP package with 12bits transfer data)
• MOS-FET driver (spirited driver able to push over 7A power)

Weight: 28.4g
Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 34.5mm
Torque at 6V:7.0kg/cm,  7.4V: 8.6kg/cm
Speed at 6V: 0.15 sec, 7.4V: 0.12 sec / 60° at no load
Operating Voltage: 6.0~ 7.4V
Spline: 25

Dimensions listed below in the data table include the bottom mounting tab. That tab adds 6mm to any height dimensions.

  • Servo Torque(kg)(min. 0.01kg) 8.60
  • Servo Speed (Sec/60deg) 0.12
  • Servo A(mm) 45.00
  • Servo B(mm) 30.00
  • Servo C(mm) 41.00
  • Servo D(mm) 10.00
  • Servo E(mm) 42.00
  • Servo F(mm) 24.00

Dimension Diagram Guide

  • attributeset-11


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AndrewsBig | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Apr 25, 2016

On bench stres test works OK, but very noisy. When mounted to the wing (1.5m airplane) gets random flaperon in center or end position. I have two and same result. Interesting thing: Flaperon rapidly reduces when i use 6V BEC instead direct 2S Lipo..... Sorry but i cannot recommend it this servos.

stopher | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 14, 2016

Initial take is these are quiet and powerful.. made up a test rig to measure centering accuracy. All have come in at less than 1mm variance using a 250mm long arm. 2 of which i could see no visible variance at all. two others were at around .5 mm. I am using a mm scale so anything less than 1mm is estimated. The test was done with a turnigy servo tester and a 2 cell life pack.

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