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Cherry Wood Propeller 13x7 (1pc)

Cherry Wood Propeller 13x7 (1pc)

Light weight yet strong Cherry wood is beautifully crafted and laminated.


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Light weight yet strong Cherry wood is beautifully crafted and laminated.


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Good Prop for My 3,5KG Cesna with Propdrive 35-48 900KV. Exact 60Amps.

Prop is lighter than the Plastic 13x7 Props i have.

Good balanced, good thrust (about 2kp)with a SK3542-800kV aerodrive. Quality is okay but not top. Unfortunately the size and manufacturer stamps are visiblenot good for scale models but easy to change. Lacquered with a thick layer of wood-primerthis could be less. Weight about 35 gramms.
awesome finish, really light
very nice,well balanced
This propeller looks amazing. Really good qualify for money. Really bang for buck! But I don't know how it performs in air
If it is like the smaller ones I have purchase will be happy.Havent used yet thus the 4 stars
It is good and presize wood propeller
Great quality only unfortunately the center hole was too big for my application so haven't tried it.
Very nice propeller. It is strong yet lightwight. Nice coated so they glare in the sun. I use this propeller on my eflite beaver with a turnigy motor and a 4s lipo. Very strong config.

The prop is also well balanced. I only put a very small piece of light tape on it to balance it. You could even use this without balancing it.
This prop is a very good looking and efficient one and I purchased many of these and use them on my Phoenix Cessna 182 .50-.55 size 3200gr plane but the center of the prop is so soft that the more you tighten the nut the more wood goes and you get the fear that it is going to break. So... you must know where to stop. Apart from this no problems at all. Very good.
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