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Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 DSSS)

Corona 2.4Ghz 6ch Receiver (V2 D...

Corona 6 Channel 2.4Ghz DSSS Receiver.
Can only be used with Version II Futaba & JR Corona modules.


Size : 46mm*25mm*16mm
Voltage : 4.8 V - 6V
range : more than 2100m...

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Corona 6 Channel 2.4Ghz DSSS Receiver.
Can only be used with Version II Futaba & JR Corona modules.

Size : 46mm*25mm*16mm
Voltage : 4.8 V - 6V
range : more than 2100m
Operating current : 30 MA
Sensitivity : -100dbm
Latency : 22ms
Resolution: 10bit



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Small .light weight and cheap receiver .I easy bind this receiver with my HobbyKing HK-6x transmitter ,thanks Corona and HobbyKing for this receiver without this I will lost support for my HobbyKing HK-6x transmitter ,now I have compatible receiver for my TX.
Only one thing ,when you try bind TX with Corona RX you need two hand becouose is hard to handle it.But if you have someone to help you this is easy.Thanks Corona and HobbyKing for this and keep going to sell this receiver for many years. :)
I give Five(5) CROWNS for all specification.Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been in the hobby now for over 7 years, when I started I bought a turnigy 9X and a Corona module with rx. I have now filled the model memory in my 9X and have 10 aircraft and can honestly say that I have never had a glitch, I have the cr4, 6 and 8d and wouldn't hesitate to put any of these on expensive planes, I like to fly high with an onboard cam and have found myself on more than one occasion nearly losing orientation due to plane, next thing for me is FPV.
Ich habe das Corona Modul in eine MX12 verbaut und nutze diese Corona Empfaenger. Bisher keinerlei Stoerungen oder Ausfaelle - sehr zufrieden !!!
Utterly Dead Useless. will not power on under any circumstance. I have ordered only two Corona receivers This CR6D and a CR8D both have been dead. Not sure if their being imported damaged them in some way, But both are simply dead.
Buenos receptores aunque tardan un poco en sintonizar
compr tres CR8D ninguno me funcion (NOT WORKS) espero que con el de six canales me funcionen thanks
Best Rx i am using. No glitches & perfect for long range flying (1.5kmplus)

Also very cheap for a full range 6ch Rx
without the box it weighs 6 grams, good for foamies!
Perfect receiver, with this system i solved all glitch and interference, good range, as good as 8ch...
This receivers are great, no question. For that price, it's unbeatable. One thing is annoying though: I do observe some failed connections while turning on receiver. It happens some times. Just turn off and the on, and eventually it will connect. Once connected, no problem at all. no glitches, no range problems...just works fine. Also, I have one of these receiver that as a malfunciton on the LED. not a big deal...but just make me think that QC is not at the best ! Overall, they are nice, but I'm still not as confident to use them on big airframes. (Wich I do with Assan). But the price is a blast !!!
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